Simple Swap: Ditch Dryer Sheets with Dryer Balls & Essential Oils (3)


  1. I’m confused about the money-saving aspect of this. I can get 1,000 dryer sheets for approximately $30 at BJs. These dryer balls are almost $20. Two drops of oil on each ball lasting 3 loads–that’s about 10 drops for 3 loads or 300 drops for 90 loads. So you would need 10 large bottles of essential oils to run those 1,000 loads of laundry. That seems really expensive. Am I figuring this right?

    1. Great question! A 5ml bottle of essential oil has about 80-100 drops in it and 15ml bottle of essential oil has about 280-300 drops in it. For me, personally, I’ve been able to use these same dryer balls for over a year (the original ones I got weren’t super solid so I switched to these). I have one or two bottles of oil dedicated to my dryer balls and I’ve yet to have to refill them. So my initial upfront cost was about $18 for the dryer balls + approximately $16 (for my two 5ml bottles I alternate between that came in my starter kit… But if I did a 15ml bottle of grapefruit, for example, that would still be less than $18 for that 15ml bottle. And it would take over a year to use it up if I just used it for that purpose…) so all in all its a little over $30 for a lot of loads. The dryer balls SAY you can get 1000 loads out of them, but I have personally gotten way more than that because I do multiple loads of clothes and cloth diapers. I hope that is helpful!!

      1. Ok, how many balls do you put in? Because the amazon link says you use all 6 balls for a large load. So, again, at that rate, a 15-mL bottle should only last fewer than 100 loads.

  2. Hey Molly! We started using these puppies a few weeks ago and I want to like them (I REALLY do) but I’ve found that every dry load I take out is a staticy mini bolts of lightening shock zone! Ive tried to use more balls and ice tried using less and can’t seem to get it to help. Thoughts?

    1. Hmmm often the static is a result of over drying. Are you drying for too long? I’ve also heard adding a rolled up ball of tin foil can help, but I’ve never tried that so I’d do some research first before doing that.

  3. You have some of the most ingenious ideas for ways to get essential oils in to almost everything you do. This is way more my speed. I use a very VERY gentle detergent and it’s great for my skin, but doesn’t have a smell. These in the dryer would be a great way to get the clothes to have a light scent without breaking my skin out.

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