Mamasuds All Natural Household Cleaning Products Review

September 24, 2018·
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I tried out Mamasuds – an all natural household cleaning product brand. I put their nontoxic products to the test and here are my thoughts!

Mamasuds All Natural Household Cleaning Products Review

For the past five years, I’ve been switching all the things in my home to non-toxic, clean, safe alternatives. I’ve changed out my makeup, my hair care, my skin care, body care, wellness care, cleaning products… ALL THE THINGS. And I get questions about non-toxic, clean, safe alternatives for so many different categories of products that I like trying out new brands all the time so I know which ones to recommend!

Earlier this summer I discovered Mamasuds – an all natural household cleaning product brand started by a mama who wanted EFFECTIVE, safe, natural products to use in her home with her family. I immediately fell in love with the brand. I mean, you know how much I love mama started and mama owned brands… and you know how much I love small businesses and you know how much I love companies that use awesome clean ingredients. But I REALLY wanted to give the products a try and put them to the TEST so I could give you an honest review and let you know what I think…

If you are interested in trying out Mamasuds for yourself, use coupon code SBM15 for 15% off your purchase!

Here’s what Mamasuds products I tried: the laundry detergent, the dryer balls, the all-purpose cleaner, the automatic dishwasher powder, the body wash, and the Castile soap.

Mamasuds Laundry Detergent Soap

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I am super skeptical about clean and nontoxic laundry detergent. I’ve made my own in the past and it’s been fine, but I will be honest with you guys, this is the category that I’ve had the hardest time making the switch to fully clean. Because we cloth diaper, I’ve been still using a mainstream brand, toxic-loaded powder detergent, because it was the only thing that got the cloth diapers clean. Some clean laundry soaps will work okay on clothes, but diapers? That’s a different story. Now, Mamasuds said their laundry soap was safe for cloth diapers, so I thought I’d give it a try.

For the past month, I’ve been putting Mamasuds laundry soap to the test on ALL our laundry – clothes, towels, sheets… and diapers. Honestly? I can say I’m truly impressed! Our clothes are clean, they smell amazing, and the laundry soap CLEANS THE CLOTH DIAPERS. Y’all this is legit amazing.

Now, in full disclosure, I don’t know how it will tackle an ammonia problem which can sometimes arise with cloth diapers. (Cloth diaper mamas… you know an ammonia issue in your diapers can be ROUGH). But, SO FAR we have not run into that issue. So, if we do, then I will cross that bridge when I come to it (so to speak). 

We have a top loader, HE washer, so I like that with the laundry soap, a little goes a long way. Mamasuds includes a card with your laundry soap that says how much to use on regular or HE washers depending upon the load size.

NON-TOXIC SWITCH: Try switching from the mainstream brand to Mamasuds for a month! See if you can see a difference. 🙂 

Mamasuds Wool Dryer Balls

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I have been using wool dryer balls for A LONG time and I’ve tried out a few different kinds of wool dryer balls over the past five years. I LOVE the ones from Mamasuds. THEY ARE HUGE – way bigger than other wool dryer balls that I’ve tried. I love to put a couple drops of my favorite essential oils like lavender or lemon on them and toss them in the dryer with my clothes. It is the best and easiest way to switch out those super toxic dryer sheets! Also, a tip for battling static electricity is to put a safety pin in one of the wool dryer balls or even crumple up a little bit of aluminum foil and throw that in the dryer, too.

NON-TOXIC SWITCH: Replace those toxic dryer sheets with dryer balls and add a few of your favorite essential oils!

Mamasuds All Purpose Cleaner

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Now, you know that I love the non-toxic household cleaner I have used for years and I rave about it all the time. I have even made my own household cleaner and loved it! So it’s hard for me to honestly say I love another household cleaner MORE than my household cleaner that I’ve used. BUT, I will say, I love the Mamasuds all purpose cleaner. This stuff smells so good and really cleans well! It cleans floors, windows, counters, bathrooms… all the things. It’s also safe enough that my kids can use it and help me clean and I’m not worried about their little hands touching toxic ingredients.

NON-TOXIC SWITCH: Do you currently have like 8 different types of cleaners under your sink? One for bathrooms, one for floors, one for counters, one for stainless steel appliances, one for windows, one for mirrors… etc? Well, try using this and replacing ALL of those with this one cleaner!

Automatic Dishwasher Powder

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A few years ago I tried my hand at making my own dishwasher tabs. And while I can honestly say they worked fine and cleaned our dishes…. the issue is that they are time consuming and messy and can be a pain to make. I got lazy and stopped making them. The Mamasuds dishwasher powder is awesome! It’s easy to use, cleans well, and doesn’t take me hours to make hahaha!

NON-TOXIC SWITCH: Instead of the stuff you get at the store that has chemicals covering your dishes, try using this dishwasher powder that won’t leave residue or chemicals on your dishes!

Mamasuds Body Wash

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I am a bit of a body wash snob and I know what I like and I know what I don’t. I also like to switch up my body washes every now and then because I like to change up scents! Who doesn’t? Right? 🙂 Well, I love the Mamasuds body wash because it’s thick, lathers well, smells amazing, and makes my skin feel so clean and smooth after using it! It’s also safe to use on my kids which is awesome.

NON-TOXIC SWITCH: Replace the bottle in your shower that contains parabens and sulfates with this amazing body wash that’s natural, clean, and effective! 

Mamasuds Castile Soap

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I use Castile soap for all the things! It’s great for a deeper clean or for getting up a big stain on the carpet or furniture. My favorite use for Castile soap is when I make my own facewash and my own foaming hand soap! This takes little to no time to make and saves me a lot of money. The lemon scented Castile soap from Mamasuds is awesome and has been amazing for refilling my foaming hand soap!

NON-TOXIC SWITCH: Replace that “antibacterial” foaming “Lemon Lavender” hand soap you buy at the store that’s actually filled with chemicals and make your own with castile soap, water, and essential oils!

There you have it! My review of the Mamasuds natural household products I’ve tried. What do you think? Have you tried Mamasuds? What products have you had a harder time making the switch on? I can’t say enough good things about this amazing company so definitely check them out and support this small business that makes great products!

If you are interested in trying out Mamasuds for yourself, use coupon code SBM15 for 15% off your purchase!