mustard denim, Root Collective flats, Stitch Fix liverpool knit top, Just Dawnelle serape scarf, Nickel and Suede Marsala earrings, maternity fashion (1)


  1. That must of been tough for you. I am Latina, so my first language was Spanish. As, I went on to school and got better in English, it literally caused me to talk Spanglish lol. To this day I only know how to say certain things in one language rather than both.

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  3. How cute are those mustard jeans?! And how cute are you?! I love this outfit and your serape! And hopefully this random fact makes you feel better: I took French for all 4 years of high school with straight A’s and into my first semester of college. All I am fluent at saying in French is that I do not speak French. I can’t even type it in French because I don’t remember how to spell any of it! I don’t know if this fact reflects poorly on my language learning skills or the education system (because I did get all A’s after all!).
    Thanks for hosting the linkup.

  4. Love that serape! And you look gorgeous! I am fluent in Spanish. Although I was born and raised in NY only Spanish was spoken in my home. My confidence was such that I decided to attend college in Puerto Rico and that sealed the deal. Full immersion for 10 years gave me native fluency in Spanish while continuing my native fluency in English. A few years after college I felt lost career wise until I discovered the profession of court interpreting. It intrigued me as I’d considered studying law but gave me the opportunity to use my language skills which I love. I was a long road with lots of studying and extremely difficult exams for state certification. But as of March of this year I’m a full time Spanish Court Interpreter for NYS. And I couldn’t be hapoier. I love my job and feel blessed for this opportunity as it’s highly competitive. Language is a great thing. You have the foundation to learn two languages really well. It’s never too late, Molly! Even if you don’t pursue it, the ability to read two foreign languages well is still amazing! Thanks for sharing the info.

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