1. My first Stitch Fix was actually courtesy of a gift card I got from my sister for Christmas two years ago! It was the best present!!

  2. When you post your Fix reviews, I like to quickly scroll through your pictures and guess what you kept. Yes, I have a life, but that’s just fun. I was spot on with this Fix!
    Why didn’t you like that dress? Because it makes you look frumpy and frumpy you are not. I love the other dress.
    The fringy sweater. There’s one really similar at Walmart right now. I bought and returned it because I really don’t need another flowy sweater but if you are looking for something similar, I’d recommend that one. Cheap and not fantastic quality but that’s a pretty trendy style so lasting a season or two isn’t a big deal. Then you get to pass along to someone else!
    One last thing. I fully blame you for my Root Collective addiction. I got the gold Greek key style this weekend at the Cary Academy Shoppe and am wearing them now. I love good quality!

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