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  1. Thanks for the great list of personal finance apps! Your recommendations make it easy for anyone to navigate the world of budgeting and saving. I especially love how you highlighted the user-friendly features of Mint and the proactive budgeting approach of YNAB. Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. My husband and I started using You Need A Budget (YNAB) last fall and it has made a tremendous difference for us. Sounds similar to Budgt, from what you’ve written here, except that they not only provide the web-based program and app, they also have webinars to teach you how to budget while using the app. I don’t think I’ve been following you long enough to have seen other money-related posts, so I don’t know if you have used Financial Peace University, but YNAB seems to me a good digital alternative to an envelope system. My husband and I never could really get into FPU all the way because we just knew we would not carry cash. That doesn’t work for us. But we did like the idea of the envelope system (which, I suppose if you get right down to it is just a physical representation of a budget?).

    Anyway, we used to keep up with everything via spreadsheets, but having an app makes it much easier for us to keep up with everything in real time. If I’m at work and I need to make an emergency stop on my way home for a grocery item for dinner, I can easily check and see how much grocery money I have left, and after I make my purchase, enter it immediately into the app. We’ve struggled with budgeting for so long, it feels great to finally have a working grasp on it. Our spending is more intentional and we anticipate expenses and save up for them much better than before. It’s weird because it’s actually freed up our money by restricting it.

    Whatever app or program people decide to use, I encourage everyone I know to find some way to create a budget system that works for them. It makes a difference not only in what we’re able to do with our money, but our whole attitude toward money. We have a clear vision of what we want our money to do, and we control it, rather than being impulsive and letting it control us. My husband has had such a weight lifted from him. He used to stress so much about money. It’s a relief to me that it’s a relief to him. 🙂

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