Valentine’s Day & Anniversary Gift Guide for Him and Her with Uncommon Goods

January 29, 2016·

Thank you to Uncommon Goods for partnering with me on this post! I am a huge fan of UG and shop from them all the time. Thank you for supporting the companies that help to support me and my family!


My “Fashion for Good Friday” is a little different this week – but I thought it was the perfect fit as we head into the most romantic month of the year – FEBRUARY! It’s especially romantic for me because not only is it Valentine’s Day, but also my wedding anniversary!

I’m always looking for unique gift ideas for Valentine’s Day or my Anniversary… and I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to purchase gifts that make an impact, are ethically made, or fair trade. I have LOVED Uncommon Goods for years (I’ve written about them before here, here and here) and I have only learned to love them more!

One of the things that makes them so awesome is the fact that Uncommon Goods is a Certified B corporation! In short, a Certified B corp is a for-profit company that meets RIGOROUS standards of social and environmental performance, in addition to standards of transparency and accountability as far as how their goods are produced and distributed.

In any event, I love them and the gifts and products they sell are so unique! You pretty much can’t go wrong.

We are just a little over two weeks away from Valentine’s Day and I’m three weeks away from my wedding anniversary… so… I guess it’s time to start thinking about gifts! AHH!

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas from Uncommon Goods for him AND for her!

A Little Jewelry Love for Her

Uncommon Goods Valentine's Day & Anniversary Gift Guide (1)

Lucky Clover Necklace – $58 | All Things Are Possible Necklace – $68 | Our Anniversary Necklace – $55 | Loved Locket – $40

Guys, ladies love jewelry. Well, most ladies do, at least. Uncommon Goods has so many GORGEOUS options for jewelry gifts that are romantic, personal, heartwarming, unique and beautiful. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

Customizable Books for Him or Her

Uncommon Goods Valentine's Day & Anniversary Gift Guide (2)

What I Love About You (By Me) Book – $10 | Love Sonnets (Fill In The Blank) Book – $13

How fun are these “fill in the blank” books? I’m all about fun prompts that make gifts more personal and unique!

Something to Do Together

Uncommon Goods Valentine's Day & Anniversary Gift Guide (3)

Our Love Story (A Journal) – $35 | A Year of Gratitude Notecards – $30

I love getting gifts that you can do TOGETHER. This love story journal would be so fun to fill out together as a couple… something you can look back on YEARS from now! And I am all about a good, handwritten thank you note. This adorable pack of gratitude notecards would be a great way to thank each other (or others!) throughout the year.

For the Foodie

Uncommon Goods Valentine's Day & Anniversary Gift Guide (4)

Italian Cheesemaking Kit – $24.95 | BBQ Briefcase – $83.50

Homemade cheese? Yes, please! And all the tools you need to do some serious grilling? Oh yes, I’m a fan!

For Fun and for Function

Uncommon Goods Valentine's Day & Anniversary Gift Guide (5)

The Rememory Game – $23.95 | Upcycled Indonesian Batik Bag – $35

The “Rememory Game” is such a fun way to record and remember memories from life. This would be really fun to fill out and play with friends, family, or your significant other.

And I am a MASSIVE fan of this Batik bag. I have this exact one and it’s a favorite of mine. I use it ALL the time… it’s HUGE and fits so many things!

For the Tough & Rugged Man

Uncommon Goods Valentine's Day & Anniversary Gift Guide (6)

Working Man’s Hygiene Kit – $50 | Beard Pack $39.95

My husband doesn’t have a beard, but he does love a good manly face scrub, bar of soap, and manly hand lotion. I love this working man’s hygiene kit! And for you ladies who have men in your life with beards… the beard kit is perfect!

What about you? What gift ideas do you have for this year? Any favorites? Have you shopped from Uncommon Goods before?