Shoes! A Necklace! A Bag! Possibly My Favorite Stitch Fix Review Yet

February 3, 2016·

YOU GUYS. This month’s Stitch Fix fix was the bomb! Yes, I just said “the bomb” and it’s not 1998.

If you have been reading my Stitch Fix reviews for awhile (or if you read my blog… haha!), you know I’m very pregnant at this point and I’ve been getting mostly Stitch Fix maternity fixes since about August. Well, I was trying to think creatively here in the last few weeks because I didn’t want to pause my fixes (I admit, I love them too much), BUT, I didn’t really want to get a lot of clothes, especially anything maternity, this late in pregnancy.

SO, I sent my stylist, Kimberly J. a message and requested that this month’s fix be focused on accessories, fair trade, ethically made products, and made in the USA brands. Granted, I request those things every month (the “as much fair trade / made in the USA stuff as possible), but I really wanted Kimberly to think outside the box for me this month. I also said that I was open to anything that is comfortable or practical this late in pregnancy.

And, as usual, Kimberly NAILED IT. This fix was just SO much fun and probably one of my favorite to date. I got SHOES in this fix! And a BAG! And a gorgeous necklace! And… I just loved it. I also LOVE the personalization that Kimberly J. puts in her notes to me. Granted, she’s been my stylist now for a year and a half… but she really, clearly takes my notes to heart and listens to my feedback and puts a lot of thought into my fixes. I love it.

Stitch Fix Review

Okay, with that being said… I am going to quit rambling and I’m going to get to the review… As usual, sharing what I got, what I kept, what I returned, what I thought, etc. etc. etc.

February Stitch Fix Review

SSEKO Designs “Terra Leather Convertible Crossbody Bag” – $88

Ethically made in Ethiopia

SSEKO Designs "Terra Leather Convertible Crossbody Bag"

I was SO, SO, SO excited to see this Sseko crossbody bag in my fix. I am actually a HUGE, long-time fan of Sseko Designs. They are one of the first fair trade and ethical fashion brands I was ever introduced to. They are most well known for their sandals (you can see I’ve worn them here), but they also make GORGEOUS bags and other beautiful accessories.

Sseko has an amazing story and it’s a company that I believe in and love supporting. This neutral, tan crossbody bag has been on my Sseko wish list for a long time, so it was basically a no-brainer for me to get it. The material is very solid, the strap is removable, and it’s perfect for just grabbing on the go.

Verdict: Keep!

Nakamol “Calder Hammered Triangle Pendant Necklace” – $38

Ethically made in Thailand by local artisans

Nakamol "Calder Hammered Triangle Pendant Necklace"

This. Necklace. Is. A. Stunner. I honestly don’t think the pictures do it justice. It’s a beautiful combination of gold and rose gold metals and it’s so unique looking. Such a fun piece to throw on with jeans and a t-shirt, or even dressed up with a blazer or dress. Nakamol is another ethical company that works with partner artisan groups. This particular necklace was handmade in Thailand!

Verdict: Keep!

BC Footwear “Sidekick Mixed Material Oxfords” – $90 – Size 8

Contemporary footwear brand based in California (BC stands for “Born in California”)

BC Footwear "Sidekick Mixed Material Oxfords"

Stitch Fix has recently added SHOES to their offerings. SHOEEEEEES!!!!! I was so pumped to get a pair in my fix to try out. These BC oxfords are super unique – and yes, while they look like more of a men’s, style pair of shoes, I think the mixed material style gives them an added flair of femininity.

The fit was actually right on (I am a size 8 and these were a size 8 and fit perfect). And they are REALLY solid, well-made shoes. I also love that BC Footwear uses vegan leather and sustainably sourced materials for constructing their shoes.

However, as I was trying to decide whether or not to keep them, I realized that I honestly, probably, at this stage of my life wouldn’t get that much wear out of them. Right now my go-to shoes are my Root Collective flats because they’re comfortable and super easy to slip on and run out the door… OR boots / booties if the occasion or outfit allows. I’m pretty simple and basic with my footwear.

So, I didn’t return them because I thought they were ugly or uncomfortable or anything like that… it was more just a matter of practicality for me.

Verdict: Return 🙁

Just USA “Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket” – $58 – Size XL

Contemporary denim brand based in the United States. Just USA’s upscale sister denim brand “Just Black” is also ethically made in the USA.

Just USA "Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket", Nakamol "Calder Hammered Triangle Pendant Necklace", SSEKO Designs "Terra Leather Convertible Crossbody Bag"

You’re probably thinking, “Another jean jacket, Molly? Don’t you have like three?” Four, actually. Hahaha. A white one, a dark wash / 3/4 length sleeved one, a light wash one, and a medium wash one. Yes. I realize this seems excessive. And when I saw this denim jacket in my fix I thought, “Oh no, well this will be an easy one to return because I have a jean jacket already.” And then… I tried it on. And I fell in denim jacket love. I have an entire post (a REALLY OLD post) dedicated to my love for a jean jacket.

This jacket is basically the best jean jacket EVER. The wash is PERFECT. I love the subtle distressing. The fit is on point. And it’s just really, really well made. I have already worn it four times since I got it. So, basically every day. Haha!

I am in the process of doing a big closet purge and all that, so I will be getting rid of one (or two) of my older denim jackets and upgrading to THIS BEAUT. Because, well, it’s love.

Verdict: Keep!

Staccato “Raelene Striped Draped Front Cardigan” – $48 – Size XL

Made in the USA brand

Staccato "Raelene Striped Draped Front Cardigan", Nakamol "Calder Hammered Triangle Pendant Necklace"

This was another piece that I was surprised by. I thought I wasn’t going to like / need / want a cardigan, but this one is FABULOUS. It’s a sheerish material, very lightweight, and I love the tabbed sleeves. It’s also really comfortable and I think will be PERFECT for wearing in the hospital after baby is born and especially the next few months postpartum and while nursing.

Verdict: Keep!

So there you have it. My January Stitch Fix maternity review. 

Do you agree with what I kept? What I returned? What would you have done? Have you tried Stitch Fix before?


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