7 Must-Haves & Essentials for Pregnancy

February 11, 2016·

I have kept things MUCH simpler this pregnancy. I remember when I was pregnant with Lilly, I had ALL THE THINGS… I tried so many different “products” and “special pregnancy things” and most of it was just unnecessary. I’ve realized this time, anything to make life a little simpler and more comfortable is KEY. I’m not trying to take over the world, I’m not trying to do it all… I just need to do the best job that I can taking care of myself, my family, and the growing baby inside me.

So, I thought it would be helpful to share a few (seven, to be exact) of the “must haves” and “essentials” that have helped me to get through this pregnancy!

7 Must-Haves & Essentials for Pregnancy

Must have #1: A body pillow!

I did NOT have one of these for my first pregnancy and I totally regret not getting one. I received this Simmons Kids Body Positioner Pillow back at the beginning of my pregnancy and it has been a GAME CHANGER for me. It’s been incredibly supportive throughout all three trimesters, but ESPECIALLY during this last trimester.

When I sleep on my side, I HAVE to have some kind of pillow between my knees and my feet otherwise my hips / pelvis / lower back just KILL ME when I sleep… but having this body positioner has made a world of difference. It supports my belly, my hips, and just all the things. I still sleep with my head on my regular pillow (I love my regular pillow too much haha), but this is amazing for my sleep.

I will say, it is not small… and definitely can cramp my cuddling style with my husband if it’s in between us… haha! But, seriously… if you haven’t used a body positioner in pregnancy before… GET ONE. I love this one and can highly recommend it!


Simmons Kids Body Positioner Pillow c/o


I don’t know why I didn’t wear leggings more before… but oh man… they are magical. Comfortable. Stretchy. Will fit before, during, and after pregnancy. Soft. Stylish. Fun. Did I mention stretchy and comfortable?!

LulaRoe Printed Arrow Leggings, Chambray, Lily Jade bag, Fall Maternity Style (1) LulaRoe Printed Green & Yellow Leggings, LulaRoe Green Perfect Tee, yellow accessories, Lily Jade bag, Root Collective Flats | Fall Maternity Style (6) White Plum Printed Leggings, Stitch Fix maternity tunic, denim vest, Lily Jade diaper bag | Maternity Style (5)

Check out my friend Kelly’s LulaRoe group here. I also love White Plum’s leggings!

Must have #3: Maternity Tanks!

These maternity tank tops I discovered earlier on in this pregnancy and I am obsessed. They’re really comfortable, really soft, and go great underneath all my tops and dresses. I wear one every day!


Maternity Cami from Ingrid & Isabel

Must have #4: A mason jar drink tumbler!

I am constantly thirsty. CONSTANTLY. And it’s important to drink a lot of water during pregnancy… having a cute drink tumbler makes it that much easier to keep hydrated. My friend Lindsey got me this one for my birthday and I love it! I use it daily and drink probably 10-15 glasses out of it a day.

mason jar tumbler

Mason Jar Tumbler

Must have #5: My pregnancy belly butter!

I have shared this a few times, but I am in love with my belly butter recipe. I actually use it not just on my belly, but also my hands, my arms, my legs… anywhere I need extra moisture in my skin. My skin feels so hydrated and soft.

DIY "Belly Butter" to Support Healthy Skin Before, During, & After Pregnancy (1)

My Baby Bump Belly Butter

Must have #6: My books / resources for using oils during pregnancy and on baby

I’ve already talked about these, but the Gentle Babies and Chemical Free Home 3 books have been SO helpful for what essential oils, supplements, recipes, etc. to use and how to use it safely during pregnancy. I refer to them almost daily!

My Favorite Essential Oils for Supporting a Healthy Pregnancy (1)

Gentle Babies and The Chemical Free Home 3 Books (for recipes, essential oil tips for pregnancy and babies, etc.)

Must have #7: Working out / SOME form of exercise

I was EXTREMELY active before getting pregnant this second time, and I stayed very active in my first and second trimesters, but I will admit… I’ve been relatively active in my third. It’s impossible to NOT be active with a toddler… but still. I had two cracked / broken ribs, I’ve had some serious pelvic issues, and just a lot of physical discomforts that made working out challenging. BUT, working with my amazing trainer Rachel has been SO vital for me. She has really customized workouts each week for me to what I am physically capable of doing at the time.

Rachel has given me exercises that I can do when I’m barely mobile… lots of stretches, isometric moves, light weights, etc. I have shared some of the exercises and workouts on this blog, but just in general, working out and staying active has really made a difference! I am SO grateful to have had Rachel this go ’round!

A Prenatal Workout for the "Nearly-Immobile" Pregnant Woman (or the times when you just can't move...) | Fitness Friday (10)

A prenatal workout for the times in pregnancy when you basically can’t move…

 So, those are a few of my must haves. What do you think? Any on the list that surprised you or any that you think are interesting? What would you add to the list if you’re pregnant or have been pregnant before?