Blue, Green, and Brown Ikat Living Room Decor | Home Tour (1)


  1. Your living room looks similar to mine in layout. My decor isn’t as nice, though. lol 🙂 One of these days I’ll find my interior designer gene.

    In the meantime, just wanted to mention, you asked about hiding cords? We had a lot of cords coming from our TV (also on the wall above our fireplace (which is basically identical to yours)) down to a small table where our media components live to the left of the fireplace. My husband did a little DIY project where he opened up the wall and installed a pipe of some kind (sorry if I’m a little vague – I wasn’t involved so much with this project) and strung all our cords and wires through that from behind the TV down to the table, so they’re hidden in the wall. We have hopes in the future of somehow building some bookshelves and cabinets on either side of the fireplace. I don’t know if your cords are that kind, or if they’re just like the lamp cord or something, but thought I’d bring that up in case you’re interested in putting any in the wall I can get more info for you on how my husband did it.

    For regular cords and things like for lamps and around my computer desk, I tend to use lots of twist-ties to keep things neat. There’s rarely a way to keep them completely out of sight, but at least if they’re neat and “together,” I feel like they’re less unsightly. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your photos! You’ve given me some ideas for our living room!

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