A Round Up and a Link Up

February 8, 2016·

Raise your hand if you’re on Instagram! Just about everyone? Yeah, pretty much. I realize that nearly all of you are on everyone’s favorite social network… It’s so funny to me how when Instagram first came out, I signed up for an account and I thought, “Well this is weird… I don’t know that this will ever catch on as a thing. But, I guess it’s cool for making my pictures look all vintagey.”

In any event, I clearly am eating my words all these years later and now Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks. Telling you something you already know, I know… 🙂 I just love seeing a little more of a personal glimpse into the lives of so many friends, family, and others in the blog community!

I realized I haven’t done an Instagram-lately roundup in FOREVER (like, probably a few years!), so I thought I’d share a little round up with you from what’s going on on my Instagram lately. 🙂 

Last Friday I spent the afternoon on campus at UNC Chapel Hill taking headshots for some Carolina students. I love getting to spend some time doing something I love with awesome students!


Special afternoon mommy / daughter dates to go get cupcakes (whilst wearing cupcake leggings) are kind of my favorite.


Thinking of spring and florals and pinks and all the girly things… helps me to forget that it’s freezing out!


A few weekends ago, Lilly went to stay with her grandparents and John and I got to have a whole date-weekend to ourselves. It was so awesome. Going out to dinner, sleeping in, meandering around stores, and going to see Jeff Foxworthy and laugh till we cry… we love being parents, but it was nice to just be a married couple for a weekend. 🙂


We may not have a complete nursery (READ: it’s basically a room with a crib right now…), but our new guest room / office is 99% complete and I am loving it. This is one of my favorite spots in the house!


Lilly has been REALLLLLLLLY into her baby dolls lately. She really has been in to talking to the baby in my belly and talking about being a big sister… and I think that has spilled over into her love of her baby dolls. I am okay with it, because it is precious.


Plans for this snowy / icy / cold day with this girl: 1️⃣ Many snuggles (from the looks of it, it appears this one is ready to be a big sister and snuggle a real baby. Me too, kid. Me too. 2️⃣ Reading books 3️⃣ #allthecoloring (might bust out my own adult coloring book!) 4️⃣ Not getting out of our jammies. (I LOVE these organic cotton rugby PJs from @burtsbeesbaby. So. Insanely. Soft. Lilly loves them too! “Mommy, my jammies are so sofffffft. I want to fluff them!” I’d say a rather eventful Friday ahead for us… What are your plans for today? Are you experiencing the #snOMG where you are? ❄️?☃ @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/279s7 #liketkit #burtsbeesbaby #burtsbees http://www.burtsbeesbaby.com #snuggles #ad

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My amazing friends and my sister threw me a baby “sprinkle” for baby Stillman 2.0. Even though I insisted we didn’t need one, it was truly a blessing and we just felt so loved. Can’t wait to meet this baby!


Some days, okay… most days, Lilly and I like to match. I gotta do it while she still thinks it’s cool to match mommy. My favorite thing she says is, “Mommy! We wear match!”


And on Tuesdays, we match and hold hands. ? #mommyandme #howweroe #thesedaysarefleeting

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What about you? Are you on Instagram? Leave your Instagram username or link to your account in the comments so I can follow you! And be sure to stop over to my Instagram account and say hey sometime!

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