Why Shopping Ethically is the Bees Knees | Guest Post by Em from The Flourish Market

March 11, 2016·

Hello, hello! Em here, holding down the fort on Molly’s blog while she snuggles with her new family of four (yay Stillmans!).

I’m so glad you’re popping into visit Molly’s blog today. She’s the real deal, sister. I have the honor of calling Molly a bestie, a fellow girl boss, and one of my biggest cheerleaders. Her friendship is life giving, and we challenge each other to use our businesses as a tool for social good.

So who is this top-bun wearing red head? Have you ever seen Molly tag Em Grey Photography on her photos? That’s me behind the camera (hi!).

And if you’ve seen Molly sporting clothes, jewelry, and shoes that she’s tagged from The Flourish Market, that’s my ethical fashion truck here in Raleigh, NC + online boutique.

Fun fact: Molly hosted our launch party for our fashion truck with all our local blogger gal pals. It was buckets of fun because ‘fun’ is actually Molly’s middle name.

Today, I wanted to share with you three reasons why shopping ethically is the bee’s knees. Buying fair trade / ethically made items is a value that Molly and I share and I’m pumped to invite you to the party.

So here we go — three things you should know.

1) We have the chance to spread dignity across the globe. You really DO make a difference.

For my job, I get to travel the globe and meet incredible artisans that are change makers in their communities. When you use your purchasing power for good, you are equipping these visionary folks with the opportunity to provide a dignified job to a vulnerable person.

I’ve seen Otto create a shoe business that makes your favorite flats — and also employs guys looking to transition out of the gangs in the largest urban slum in Central America.

I’ve seen Josephine creating your new favorite tassel necklace, and earning an income that has allowed her and her children to leave an abusive relationship.

Real people. Real lives being impacted through your purchase.

2) We’re able to gift with meaning. This is a win win.

I used to be the world’s worst gift giver, let that be said. I would always feel guilty when a friend would give me a thoughtful gift for my birthday or at Christmas, and I would be all ‘I’M SORRY I GOT YOU ANOTHER AMAZON GIFT CARD.’

But when I came across the idea of knowing the person behind a product, I knew I had just hit the holy grail of meaningful gift giving.

Think about it — you gift a woman you love with a piece that she will get to wear, knowing that she’s connected to an artisan across the globe. At the other end of the purchase, you will be providing work in a vulnerable community.

Be a thoughtful gift giver. You’ve got this, friend.

And could I also recommend pairing your gift with a cheeky card?

By encouraging someone else’s worth, we find our own.

Here’s what I know to be true. Being a woman is a daily struggle. Can I get an Amen?

We are constantly doubting ourselves, telling ourselves that we’re not good enough, important enough, smart enough, worthy enough…

What I’ve found is that when I have made a commitment to purchase ethically, I am telling the person on the other end of my purchase ‘I see you, and you are worth it.’

And you know what?

When we make it a habit in our lives to send this message to others, we start to hear it ring true for ourselves.

When I think about a world filled with women who know their worth, I do a high kick.

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To spreading dignity across the globe,
Em Grey

P.S. Here’s where I party online if you want to frolic along 🙂 The Flourish Market Instagram // Personal Instagram // The Flourish Market Facebook Page // The Flourish Market Online Boutique