Amos is One Month Old

March 22, 2016·

Our sweet Amos turned one month old this past weekend. I realize it’s the most cliche thing to say… but SERIOUSLY. HOW IS HE ALREADY ONE MONTH OLD? Time has just FLOWN! I think having two kids and not really having any time to breathe or sit or think makes the time go faster.

We just adore Amos. He’s the sweetest baby! So snuggly, so easy going, and just such a love. We are so thankful for him!

I love looking back on my monthly updates with Lilly and I want to try to do them again with Amos. It’s so helpful for me to be able to see where we were at what point and what she was doing and how I was feeling. So, I hope it’s okay that I share these again, but this time with sweet baby Amos!

Amos’s One Month Update

Weight: ~9 lbs

Length: ~20″

Head Circumference: ? I don’t actually know right now! haha!

Amos James - One Month Old (13)Amos James - One Month Old (14)

Nicknames: Sweet baby, sweet boy, little monkey (it’s funny how I don’t actually have as many nicknames for him as I had for Lilly… lol!) 

Amos James - One Month Old (4)Amos James - One Month Old (5)

Sleep: He’s a pretty good sleeper. I can often get a 3, SOMETIMES 4 hour stretch of sleep out of him at night which is wonderful. He’s waking about every 2-4 hours to eat and will go pretty much right back to sleep. He is sleeping in his Rock N’ Play in our room. This is a lot different for us than what we did with Lilly. Lilly slept in her crib from night one home from the hospital – mainly because our old house our rooms were so small there was no space for her.

Since Amos was SO tiny when we brought him home and since he didn’t really cry much, we wanted to keep him in our room so we could hear him when we woke up (I was genuinely afraid we wouldn’t hear him on the monitor). His tininess coupled with the fact that his reflux issues make him spit up (basically vomit) if he lays flat, sleeping elevated in the Rock N’ Play works best for right now. He has taken a couple naps in his crib in his room, but that’s about it for now. I’m not sure when we will fully transition him to his crib. Maybe soon? Maybe not. It’s kinda nice having him near us at night.

Krochet Kids Intl. - Fair trade fashion for good (3)

Eating: Homeboy nurses like a CHAMP. He took right to nursing in the hospital… latched on the first try! I was so happy because we had some issues with Lilly nursing at first, so I was nervous – but not Amos! Maybe it’s a boy thing? However, his thing is that he wants to nurse ALL. THE. TIME. Constantly nursing. Forever nursing. Always nursing. And then… because of that, he spits up all the time. Lilly would spit up, but not like this. I have to change him like 50 times a day.

His pediatrician thinks it could be a reflux issue, but we still honestly aren’t really sure. He’s gaining weight and growing well, so we aren’t too concerned at this point. It’s just more of an “annoyance” than anything because I have to do laundry so much! I’m just SO grateful that he’s a good eater!

Amos James - One Month Old (6)

Diapers: Because he’s so tiny and has really tiny legs, most of our cloth diapers (even the small ones) don’t fit him yet. We only have a few newborn sized cloth diapers that fit him. So, he’s still in mostly newborn and size 1 disposable diapers.

We use the newborn cloth ones at home until we run out and then go back to disposable when the cloth are dirty. We also use disposable when we are out and about right now (church, errands, etc.) for pure convenience purposes.

Amos's Newborn and Family Photos | Raleigh / Durham Newborn and Family Photography | (C) 2016 Rebecca Keller Photography (20)

Amos's Newborn and Family Photos | Raleigh / Durham Newborn and Family Photography | (C) 2016 Rebecca Keller Photography (18)

Clothing: Definitely still in newborn clothing and he has a FEW 0-3 month things that fit (they’re just on the smaller side)… but he’s a little peanut! I know he’ll grow out of his newborn stuff soon, but not too soon.

Krochet Kids Intl. - Fair trade fashion for good (7)

Mood: He’s such a chill baby. He really is just like his dad in so many ways. From the time he was born, he’s been really relaxed and a “go with the flow” baby. For the first week or two of his life he barely cried. He definitely has his fussy times now (usually when he’s hungry, tired, or gassy), but overall he’s really chill.

I’m so grateful for a chill baby! He hasn’t REALLY smiled yet (Lilly smiled SUPER early), but he will often grin a little after eating.

Amos's Newborn and Family Photos | Raleigh / Durham Newborn and Family Photography | (C) 2016 Rebecca Keller Photography (50)


  • Snuggles – this kid is a SNUGGLY baby and I love it
  • His Rock N’ Play
  • Being swaddled
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Staring at lights

Doesn’t Love:

  • Being cold
  • Diaper changes
  • Being naked
  • Baths (hilarious because Lilly LOVED baths from the beginning)

What I Want to Remember: I’m going to be honest – I’m still in “survival” mode right now… but I’m trying to treasure the sweet moments of snuggles, the cooing and little grunt sounds he makes, and just his sweet demeanor. I’m tired. I’m exhausted. And the transition from one to two kids has not been easy… but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Amos's Newborn and Family Photos | Raleigh / Durham Newborn and Family Photography | (C) 2016 Rebecca Keller Photography (39)

Mommy: Again, I’m tired. I’m exhausted. But, I love my family. Healing from the second c-section has been rough – actually a lot more painful the second time. However, I’m finally getting to the point where I can at least cough and sneeze without feeling like my insides are going to fall out. TMI? 

I’m adjusting. It’s a challenge, but I have a fantastic support system around me – my husband, my dad, my friends, my family… I couldn’t do it without them.

Family Centered Cesarean C-Section Birth Story | (C) 2015 Rebecca Keller Photography (65)
(C) 2015 Rebecca Keller Photography

Daddy: He loves, loves, loves being a dad and he LOVES having a son. He’s still somewhat in disbelief that he has a little boy… but man, he loves his kids HARD. He’s taking great care of me (letting me nap and take a bath on the weekends to give me a break). He’s also in charge of bath time for both kids and he’s doing such an awesome job.

Life has been crazy for him with work, but he’s adjusting and really making an effort to get off work at a reasonable time to be home with us in the evenings. I couldn’t ask for a better man to do this crazy thing called parenting with.

What I’m Looking Forward To: SPRING! The tease of the beautiful weather has me wanting more and I am excited to spend time outside and enjoy the weather with my kids. We’ve got some fun things coming up this summer, but right now, I’m just enjoying learning how to navigate our new life!

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