1. Thank you for bringing this to light. I have not been the subject of a mean tweet myself. I just don’t understand why people have to bash each other on social media! Are people that sad and unhappy in their own life that they feel the need to knock someone else down? Just crazy.
    xo, Lee

  2. very well said Molly! I once had a feature on Apartment Therapy and I couldn’t believe the mean comments some people left me. And what’s funny is I rarely read comments in group type forums but I was so excited and forgot my rule and as I started reading, I had to stop. The unfortunate thing is these PSAs- I don’t know if they really help. I think mean, unhappy, and sometimes downright sick people do it just to get a kick out of it and the more people talk about how terrible it is, the more of a kick they get out of it. I hope I’m wrong but it seems if they had any sort of conscience in the first place they wouldn’t be so nasty! Also, I rarely read celeb news but I happened to read a story about how Chrissy Tiegan (sp?) was crucified for going out on a date with her husband since she had a new baby at home (and everyone knows once you have a baby you are supposed to be a slave to it). Like that’s the level we’re on? That we rip someone to shreds for going out on a date with her spouse?! Just crazy! Sorry- didn’t mean to leave a rant! haha! On that note: Great post! Seriously!

  3. Goodness, I can’t even watch that video. I’ve watched some of the clips of celebrities reading mean tweets, but I can’t make it through those videos. It’s a little funny at first, but it gets real sad real quick. People can be so cruel when they can be anonymous online. I like to think that most of the people who bully online wouldn’t say cruel things to someone’s face.

  4. Well Said Molly! I was bullied too very badly in middle school it was not fun. I so agree we should all build each other up rather than tare down! 🙂

  5. I’ve got a friend who is pretty famous. (I met him in the before time, then he was discovered). I once asked him if he was aware of the websites that have popped up to mock him or the comments that people make online. I had expected he would laugh it off but he told me that he knows about them and that they hurt. The feelings are still real, y’all.

  6. Amen!! I will definitely be sharing this on my monthly favorites post. I never understand the mentality that people “deserve” poor treatment for letting their light shine in a way they feel confident to do so.

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