Amos is Three Months Old!

May 19, 2016·

Wasn’t I JUST writing Amos’s two month update? Time is the WORST, you guys.

Amos is growing up before our eyes and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to stop it. He is SUCH a joy and my snuggle baby. God really knew I needed a snuggler and Amos is my snuggler. He just loves to be held and cuddled. This month he really “lost” his newborn-ness and is much more of a “baby” now… if that makes sense.

He’s more alert, more attentive, and he engages with us now. He’s not QUITE able to follow us really with his eyes, but he will make eye contact for long periods of time and respond to facial expressions. He reciprocates smiles and smiles at pretty much everyone he meets. It. Is. Adorable.

He has also become the drool master 3000 this month. So. Much. Drool. I wonder if he will be an early teether like Lilly was. Lilly got her first teeth by four / four and a half months old… so I wonder if he will follow suit.

He’s not quite rolling over yet, but he is much more wiggly and shifts himself around when he’s laying on the floor.

We just love this sweet boy so. much. and I’m so thankful he’s in our lives! Check out his three month update…

Amos James is Three Months Old

Amos is Three Months Old (5)

Weight: No idea, honestly. I’m GUESSING around 14 pounds? (Total estimation)

Length: Again, another guess at around 22″-24″ – he goes back to the doctor in June.

Amos is Three Months Old (2)

Nicknames: Mr. Man, Baby boy, Monkey

Amos is Three Months Old (7)

Sleep: He’s actually had some streaks of doing quite well. He’s in his crib pretty much full time now. We put him to bed around 8pm and he will SOMETIMES give me a stretch from about 8pm – 4am! Which is awesome! Normally, he will sleep 8pm – midnight or 1am, then up at 3am, 5am, 7am… it’s still varied. Overall, I will say he is a great sleeper. I’m tired, but that comes with the territory! I really can’t complain.

Amos is Three Months Old (10)

Eating: Still nurses like a champ (obviously). He is getting better at going 3 SOMETIMES 4 hours between feedings, but I’d said he’s mostly still nursing every 2-3 hours during the day.

Amos is Three Months Old (9)

Diapers: He’s in cloth 90% of the time now (finally!) and he’s wearing mostly his Fuzzibunz size small diapers. If he wears disposables, he is in size 2 diapers now.

Amos is Three Months Old (11)

Clothing: He’s completely outgrown anything newborn and pretty much everything 0-3 months. Even a lot of his size 3 month stuff is too small. He’s mostly in 3-6 month clothing now with a few exceptions of 6+ month stuff that is just on the smaller side. Also, now that he’s in cloth, that gives him extra “padding” for some stuff to fit better.

Amos is Three Months Old (14)

Mood: He is such a smiley boy! It’s so funny though, because he loves to furrow his brow and look all serious… but then immediately start smiling and his whole face lights up. He’s my snuggler! God really knew I needed a snuggler because this guy loves to snuggle and I am 100% okay with it. ONLY downside is he can’t really be put down for any length of time… so this just means that I wear him 90% of the time… unless he’s sleeping or in the car.

Amos is Three Months Old (13)


  • Being worn 🙂 (my favorite!)
  • Smiling
  • Snuggles
  • His kick and play piano will keep him occupied for all of about 5 minutes now… but hey! That’s cool.

Amos is Three Months Old (12)

Doesn’t Love:

  • Loud noises – he gets scared and will scream! It’s sad, but also kind of hilarious.
  • Being on the ground and/or not being held… although he is getting better at tummy time!
  • Being beat up by his sister (sad truth… haha!)

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What I Want To Remember / Milestones: We went on our first road trip as a family to visit the grandparents for Mother’s Day. Even though packing two kids, two adults, and two dogs in my CRV is a feat in and of itself, it was a great trip. Amos is super smiley and he’s SO close to giggling. He isn’t rolling over yet, but that’s okay! He’s definitely more alert and paying more attention to things around him.

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Mommy: I’m perpetually tired, but I really can’t complain. I’m starting to feel somewhat like myself again. Lilly just finished up her school year, so I’m trying to get myself organized so I can better “plan” for the summer!

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Daddy: John just loves his kids and it’s so awesome to watch him with them. He’s been wearing Amos some and it’s basically the best ever (and super hot, if you ask me! Baby wearing dads for the win!) John works so hard and never complains about coming home and playing with the kids or taking them so I can have a break… I’m so thankful!

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Big Sister Lilly: She really does love her baby brother… but she’s having a hard time with understanding the word “gentle” and being gentle with her brother. Yes, she knows what the word gentle means… she just doesn’t know how to BE GENTLE with her brother. It’s a constant struggle… but we’re working on it. Let’s just say, Amos is already a TOUGH GUY. But, when they have those gentle moments and she’s sweet and snuggly and kind to her brother? It’s. the. best. Warms my heart!

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What I’m Looking Forward To: We’ve got a lot happening in the next month or so! We’re going to the beach in June which should be fun, Salt Lake City after that, possibly NYC in July, and we’ve got a whole summer to have lots of adventures. I’m just trying to slow down and cherish these days and moments with my babies. 🙂

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