The "YES!!! This is my STYLE!" Fix | May Stitch Fix Review


  1. 41Hawthorn is made in the US? I just got a blouse from them that I am returning because it said “China” on it. I would have loved to keep it otherwise…

    1. Hmmmm maybe a few of their pieces are made in China… all of the 41Hawthorn pieces I have and the ones I have received are made in the USA. Some brands may outsource certain items… I will see what I can find out!

      1. Thank you! I’m trying to stick to ethical clothes as much as possible, and I wasn’t able to find much on this brand!

  2. Great picks! I hear you on the dress – it looks great – but not practical for nursing. I am thinking that about almost all of the dresses in my closet these days. “That’s cute, but…” I love the top you picked!

  3. Another great fix! I really appreciate the research you do into the brands you’re requesting and receiving. That top is perfect for summer (and beyond)! And I hear you on needing nursing-friendly dresses, even if they *are* super cute. I’ve sat somewhere more than once with my dress hiked up to nurse a baby…not ideal. 😉

  4. Such great items! You always inspire me to wear more prints! Looking great Molly! Susan

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