Grocery Delivery? YES, PLEASE!

May 26, 2016·

You may remember back in the fall I introduced you guys to Relay Foods. Well, since then, our family has become LOYAL customers of Relay.

Quick opportunity to catch you up… Relay Foods is a healthy, online grocery store. In short, you go online, pick your groceries, check out, and then you either drive to a pick-up location or they deliver your groceries to your home with their AMAZING doorstep service! Right now, Relay Foods is focused on parts of Maryland, parts of Virginia, Washington D.C., and parts of North Carolina for their service areas. But, they COULD be expanding soon to a location near you!

Like I said, we have been getting groceries from Relay since October and we have fallen in love with it! Combined with the quality of the food (espeeeeecially the meat!) that is just second to none, the convenience, and the customer service just makes Relay seriously a life saver when it comes to groceries.


Before Amos was born, we were using the weekly pickup location that is right by my house.  So convenient… just get in my car, drive over to the pickup location, pull up, they load the groceries in my car, and boom! Done.

However, since Amos was born, they lowered the price of the Relay Foods monthly doorstep home delivery service to $19 a month for unlimited deliveries and boom! Groceries delivered. right. to. my. front. door. 

In fact, they actually UNLOAD THEM IN MY KITCHEN FOR ME. You guys, that is worth every penny to not have to load both kids in the car and either A) fight a trip to the grocery store or B) fight a trip out of the house at a time when they are possibly melting down.

So, while we do still sometimes go and pick up our groceries, more often than not, we are using the doorstep service and it’s the bees knees. For real.


Also recently, Relay Foods just launched their “local bounty share.” The local bounty share is an assortment of seasonal produce that is pulled fresh from local farms in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina!

We got a chance to try out the full local bounty share and it is SO MUCH PRODUCE. The share is $40 and you get soooo much. Seriously! We are a family of four (granted, only three of us are eating real food), but it was MORE than enough for us for a week!

Here is some of what we got in our bounty share:relay-foods-local-bounty-share-review-photo-11

Two HUGE bunches of kale, a bunch of sweet potatoes, radishes, green onions…

Two packs of basil and pea tendrils…relay-foods-local-bounty-share-review-photo-7

Asparagus, mixed greens…

And a TON of green leaf lettuce!relay-foods-local-bounty-share-review-photo-3

Seriously! We were blown away by how much fresh produce we got with the bounty share. We participated in a local CSA (community supported agriculture) last year and I think this was easily more food than we got!

While each week the produce is going to be rotating and seasonal, we were really impressed with the quality, variety, and amount.relay-foods-local-bounty-share-review-photo-8

I love that Relay has features like the local bounty share, local meat shares (their San Minato sausage is amazing), and their pre-made lunch options make getting healthy groceries (DELIVERED!) so easy.

Not going to lie, coming up with meals and cooking these days with two kids in the house is stressful! I love that Relay helps to make the whole process a little bit easier.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Relay Foods yet and they are in your area, be sure to give them a try! If you use this link, this is a coupon for you to receive $20 off your first order!

Also, be sure to follow them on social media: @relayfoods!

What about you? Have you tried Relay Foods? What ways do you try to eat healthier in a more “convenient” way?


*Not a sponsored post. We use Relay Foods weekly for our groceries and love them! I was provided with a gift card in exchange for trying out their new local bounty share option since I was already a loyal customer. I wanted to tell y’all about it because it’s AWESOME. 🙂