My Favorite (Basically Fool-Proof) Hair Curling Wand | NuMe Curling Wand Review

June 7, 2016·

You may or may not know this, but my hair is, admittedly, my “weak spot” when it comes to my daily routine and getting ready. Makeup? Got that. I can do that. No problem. But, I’ve just never been awesome at hair. I don’t know how to french braid, I can’t do much that’s “fancy,” and over time, I find myself sort of falling into a rut with my hair.

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to do my hair… it just means “doing hair” doesn’t exactly come naturally to me. Everything I’ve learned with regards to my hair has taken a lot of practice and a lot of playing around with it…

I absolutely love the look of curled hair. My natural hair is pretty straight… not stick-straight, but not wavy either. It’s just this awkward kinky hair… so I really have to make it look the way I want to, otherwise it looks awful and just ends up going in a pony tail.

Additionally, it’s not like I have a ton of time to spend on my hair these days. In fact, my time is extremely limited and so I am finding myself only really doing my hair every couple of days. I’m thankful that if my hair isn’t too dirty or sweaty, I can go a couple days in between washings. I like to blow dry it and style it every few days and then just use dry shampoo to liven it up in between.Threads 4 Thought Mona Skort, Stitch Fix Just USA Denim Jacket, Sudara Goods Globetrotter Tee, Sseko Designs Foldover Crossbody Clutch, The Root Collective shoes | Ethical Fashion & Style Blogger (3)

Over the years, I have come to loooooove love love curling wands! For me, curling wands are so much easier and faster to use than regular curling irons and I love that I can really change up the style and the way my hair looks depending on what temperature I set it to, how long it’s on, and size of the barrel.

Anyway… I get a lot of questions from readers on social media or on the blog or even via email about how I do my hair, what hair tools or products I love, etc… so I thought I would share a few things here and there on what I like and what I use!

Again, I am NO hair expert… if you’re looking for hair expertise, look elsewhere… haha! BUT, I am a busy mom who like to feel pretty and likes to play around with my hair and different hairstyles and, TRUST ME, if I can learn how to curl my hair, then ANYONE can! 🙂
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So, my two FAVORITE curling wands are the NuMe 25mm Magic Wand and the NuMe Classic Wand Reverse. I have actually had the Classic Wand Reverse for about three or four years now and it’s my trusty old faithful curling wand.

A few months ago (back in January I believe), the fabulous folks at NuMe sent me the 25mm Magic Wand to try out since I already was a huge fan of the Classic Wand Reverse (and a huge fan of NuMe products in general!) The 25mm Magic Wand has quickly become my favorite!NuMe 25mm Magic Wand Curling Wand Review (4)

(All of the pictures above and the next few pictures below show my hair styled using the NuMe 25mm Magic Wand)
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My favorite things about the NuMe 25mm Magic Wand:

  • The ability to adjust the temperatureNuMe 25mm Magic Wand Curling Wand Review (1)! By adjusting the temperature and heat of the wand, you can really dictate the type of curl you get. The hotter the iron, the more “solid” and “ringlet-y” the curl… the lower the heat, the more of a subtle wave you’re going to get.
  • The quick heat! This thing heats up FAST. I basically plug it in and by the time I am ready to start curling my hair, it’s hot and ready to go.
  • It comes with a protective glove. All the NuMe wands come with a protective glove so you don’t burn your hands!
  • Versatility! You really can do a whole lot of looks with this wand… everything from fancy ringlet curls to everyday beachy waves to the style you see here. I prefer just the casual, everyday wave look. The curls in my hair aren’t super tight, but give the hair some oomph!

NuMe 25mm Magic Wand Curling Wand Review (2)

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So, in all those pictures above, you can see what my hair looks like when it’s been styled with the 25mm Magic Wand…

I also wanted to show you guys, for reference, what my hair looks like when styled with the NuMe Classic Wand Reverse… these pictures below are older (obviously since my hair is crazy long in them…), but my hair was styled with the Classic Wand Reverse in all these image. The look is a lot more “uniform” across the board since the temperature isn’t adjustable and the reverse part of the wand gives a much tighter curl overall. I do still love this iron, I just don’t find myself using it AS often because I feel like it’s a much more fancy curl than the “everyday” look of the 25mm wand… if that makes sense.

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What about you? What are your favorite hair tools? Have you ever tried NuMe products before?

*Not a sponsored post. The 25mm Magic Wand was sent to me complimentary… I have been a NuMe fan for years and love their products!