Mother Plans on Going to New York City with Four Month Old. Alone. What Will Happen Next? | #AcornBBNYC

June 9, 2016·

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I am attending Blogger Bash 2016 as an Acorn Ambassador. Products from vTech were sent to me to use and test at no cost, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

True story. I could not for the life of me come up with a title for this blog post. So silly, but I truly was stressing about it. So I was like, “Let’s make it sound as dramatic as possible!” This is my life and I’m cool with it.

I can’t believe we are already almost halfway through JUNE. That is crazy. Before we know it, it will be the end of summer! But, before that… I’m a little over a month away from hopping on a plane to… NEW YORK CITY! And Amos is coming with me! GAH! 

I am PUMPED to be attending Blogger Bash 2016! This is the third annual Blogger Bash and it’s happening July 13-14 in Manhattan aboard the Majesty Yacht (#sofancy!). Basically, it’s an awesome conference full of networking, learning, and fun! It also gives influencers the opportunity to meet with big-name brands from baby, fashion, toys, food, travel, and more.

BBNYC Blogger Bash LogoI had wanted to go last year, but the timing wasn’t right… so needless to say, I’m PUMPED to be going this year. And yes, I am taking Amos with me! I am either brilliant, or it’s going to be a disaster. Taking a 4.5 month old on a plane with me to New York. Thankfully I will have practice when I take Amos with me to Salt Lake City in two weeks. (GAH!) Exciting times, people. I like to live on the edge.

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VTech, one of the main sponsors of Blogger Bash sent over a little pre-conference gift for the kids! The Baby Babble and Rattle microphone and the Baby Crinkle and Roar Lion are so stinkin’ adorable.


Lilly immediately picked up the microphone and started singing Let It Go and other Lilly hits (for the 45th time that day). She is my child.


I have to say, while the toys are technically more age-appropriate for Amos, Lilly was OBSESSED. She’s in that stage where she’s like, “What? Toys for me? Forget it! But baby toys for my brother who is an actual baby? Yeah, I’ll play with those all. day. long. AND run the batteries down for you.” 

vtech-baby-infant-toys-photo-6 vtech-baby-infant-toys-photo-4 vtech-baby-infant-toys-photo-8

Anyone else with me on this one? Haha!

Needless to say, we are counting the DAYS until we hop on a plane and head to NYC for Blogger Bash 2016. SO excited to meet so many new people and maybe even some old faces!

Who is heading to NYC in July? Will I see you there? I’d LOVE to meet!

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