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  1. Hey Molly! Hope you’re well 🙂 Buckle up because I have a LOT to say about sunscreen haha. I just started using a great sunscreen you might want to add to the list. It’s called Raw Elements and it has a lot going for it: #1 Rating from The Environmental Working Group; Biodegradable; Reef safe; Water resistant for 80+ minutes; Broad spectrum; Doesn’t sting; Mixed, filled and packaged in the USA; Non-nano, uncoated, recycled Zinc Oxide as the only active ingredient; Tons of organic plant butters to nourish skin; 100% certified natural and certified organic inactive ingredients; Non-GMO; Cruelty-free; Can be applied to wet skin or even underwater; AND they sell a version that’s plastic-packaging free. I know I sound like a spokesperson but I am just SO excited to have found a sunscreen with all of that! A big part of ethical shopping for me is focusing on environmentally friendly products that are made without harming animals. Other sunscreens cause so much damage to coral reefs, and plastic trash from sunscreen bottles is so often discarded on the beach, ending up in our oceans and marine life. It’s a big deal! You have such a great platform with this blog. I’d love it if the sunscreen section helped teach people about these issues! LIOB

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