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June 10, 2016·

Ahhhh it’s SUMMERTIME!! YESSS! I love this time of year and finally my family and I are going on a little vacation to the BEACH! I have seriously been counting down the days until this beach trip. It is much. much. much. needed.

Well, since I’m prepping and packing for the beach… it got me thinking… it is REALLY hard to find a lot of “beach essential” options that are ethically made, fair trade, or made in the USA. So, I thought I’d do some research and come up with some options for you guys if that is something you’re interested in!

I want to show y’all different options and different ways to see that YES, you can totally shop ethically and shop with purpose in so many areas. All the options below are great ones, but you can also shop thrift stores and consignment (especially for beach toys!) and that’s a GREAT way to get prepped for the beach whilst shopping ethically! 🙂

I hope this list is helpful! And if you have any additional ideas, companies, resources, etc… send them my way!! 🙂 

All Your Ethically Made Beach Trip Essentials

Just a cute picture of squishy Lilly from the last time we went to the beach!
Our 2nd Cruise on the Disney Dream (24)

Need an Ethically Made Beach Blanket or Picnic Blanket? Look No Further!

My girl Stephanie over at Ooh Baby Designs makes THE CUTEST beach and picnic blankets. She hand makes every single blanket, all her materials are ethically sourced, and each blanket is SO comfy, durable, AND has a PUL under layer so it’s waterproof!

Oak Island Vacation 2014 (9)

I have TWO of her beach blankets and use them all the time. We used one the last time we went to the beach when Lilly was oh-so-tiny and it was the best!

Oak Island Vacation 2014 (12)

Next Up: Ethically Made Beach Towels


(from left to right) Made in the USA CABANA Beach Towels | Cathy’s Concepts Personalized Cotton Towel | (splurge item) Coyuchi Sutro Stripe Beach Towel

The “beach towel” category is a really hard category to find options! If you have any others that I may not know about, please let me know!

A trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete without beach and sand toys!


(from left to right) Spielstabil Castle Set in Bag | Spielstabil Large Sand Scoop (Made in Germany)| Green Toys Sand & Water Play Dumper Toy with Rake & Shovel | Green Toys Sand Play Set (Made in the USA)

And, of course, if you’re hitting up the beach (or the pool!) you’re going to need great ethically made swimwear!

I recently found Rey Swimwear and I’m in love. Their swimsuits are seriously so cute (and MODEST! YESSS!!) ! I just ordered my first one AND I ordered one for Lilly, too! Rey Swimwear has a ton of great options!


A couple other great ethical swimwear options are Albion Fit and Kortni Jeane!

You might want a cute coverup for a walk on the boardwalk or maybe just a night out to dinner…

These ponchos / kimonos from Grace and Lace are all adorable options for cover ups:


Bohemian Lace Poncho | Santorini Kimono

Now remember, you gotta protect against the sun’s harmful rays…

These are some of my favorite sunscreens that doesn’t have a ton of nasty added chemicals that just aren’t necessary. Just always remember to reapply often (especially if you spend a lot of time in the water!) 


Badger Natural & Certified Organic Sunscreen | Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

Accidentally spent too much time in the sun? (Or you just easily get a little crispy like me?)

Make some of my favorite summer skin body butter! Super quick and easy to make and feels SO good on the skin after a day at the beach or the pool.

DIY Summer Skin Body Butter with Essential Oils |

Gonna Need to Put All That in a Beach Bag…

Stephanie at Ooh Baby Designs also makes AMAZING beach bags and beach totes. Seriously! Here are a couple of my favorites…


(Left | Middle | Right (beach bag AND wetbag COMBO!!!!!))

What about you? What are your favorite beach, pool, or summer essentials? Any brands that are a favorite? Any I should check out? What did I miss on my list?


*This is not a sponsored post! I put together this list and curated a lot of my favorite companies / products / brands! Some links in this post are affiliate links and if you click and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. You can always check out my full disclosure policy here