Amos is Four Months Old!

June 21, 2016·

Our sweet boy, Amos James, is FOUR MONTHS OLD! He’s getting so big and growing so fast. It’s so crazy to see! I feel like time is flying. He’s really coming into his own and he’s getting such a fun and cuddly personality. We just love him!!

Amos James - Four Month Update (3)
Amos James - Four Month Update (9)

Weight: 14.74 pounds

Amos James - Four Month Update (5)

Height: 24.4″

Amos James - Four Month Update (15)

Head Circumference: 41.65 cm

Amos James - Four Month Update (19)

Nicknames: Mr. Man, Monkey Man, Little Monkey

Amos James - Four Month Update (17)

Sleep: His sleep is erratic… some nights he’ll sleep from like 7:30p-4a and those nights are AWESOME, but they are certainly not the norm. A lot of nights he’ll give me a good stretch from 7:30p-2a and then he’s up every couple hours. Naps on the other hand are all over the place. I remember Lilly’s naps were so structured at this point… with him, not so much.

Amos James - Four Month Update (23)

Eating: This guy still nurses like a champ! I am working on trying to get him on a more regular eating schedule, but we aren’t quite there yet. We are planning to do Baby Led Weaning again (like we did with Lilly) so we won’t be introducing solids until about 6-7 months.

Amos James - Four Month Update (10)

Diapers: We are still doing cloth, but we have been using disposables a lot lately because we’ve been traveling and disposables are just easier when we are gone for longer than a couple of days. He was briefly in size 2 diapers but I just moved him up to size 3. He’s getting so big!

Amos James - Four Month Update (13)

Clothing: He’s pretty much in size 6 month clothing now! SOME 3-6 month stuff fits… but mostly 6 month.

Amos James - Four Month Update (12)

Mood: He is such a sweet boy and getting so smiley! I just love his little smile and I love his personality… He certainly voices his opinion about how much he HATES the car and how much he really hates not being held… but in general, he’s so smiley and makes the cutest cooing sounds in the world.

Amos James - Four Month Update (11)


  • Being worn
  • Mommy
  • Snuggles
  • Eating
  • Being swaddled
  • Bumbo seat

Amos James - Four Month Update (24)

Doesn’t Love:

  • Car rides – hates the car. Hates. It.
  • Loud, startling sounds
  • Sleeping unswaddled
  • Pacis… won’t take them. Has no use for them.

Amos James - Four Month Update (2)

What I Want to Remember / Milestones: We had such a great time at the beach… Amos wasn’t the biggest fan of the sand, but he did like dipping his toes in the water. It was fun to travel together as a family! He also has started rolling over. He’s not proficient at it yet, but he just did it last week! I know he will be rolling all over the place soon!

Crocs #FindYourFun Father's Day | Oak Island Beach Family Trip (14)

Mommy & Daddy: We are doing well! I am doing better trying to manage time, stress, and all the things. I really need to get back to working out, but I haven’t quite figured out how to manage that yet. Daddy is just the best and he loves his kiddos so much. We are also doing better at taking time for ourselves and dating each other… even at home. 🙂


Big Sister Lilly: Sometimes I think we are turning a corner… Lilly is doing a lot better with Amos. She loves him and she always wants to hold him and see him, BUT we are still having trouble with being “gentle” and not being rough with him. Amos is tough as nails though and when they have their sweet moments, it is so. so. so. so. sweet. I know it will only continue to get better!

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What I’m Looking Forward To: We’ve got a lot more travel coming up… we actually leave TODAY for Salt Lake City, then we head to the mountains for the Fourth of July, and then Amos and I are headed to New York City in July! It’s going to be a fun, but busy month!

Amos James - Four Month Update (20)

Monthly Comparison Photos:

Amos James - Four Month Update (25)