1. Actually I think you look darling in all those Stitch Fix pieces. Everything fit you well according to the photos on your blog. The colors were great. I wouldn’t call this a Stitch Fix dud at all. I suspect you simply weren’t in the mood to like anything that day.

  2. I think you made the right choice to return this Fix. The only piece I would have kept for you is that royal blue dress. It looks so pretty on you!
    All the other pieces are pretty but just didn’t fit you right. You have other similar items that fit you well and flatter your curves. That pale yellow in that one top sort of washes you out. We light-skinned girls have to be careful with pale yellow.
    So, great effort on the stylist’s part but I think you were right.

  3. Personally I would’ve kept the blue dress. But I totally get not knowing if you’ll wear something enough! I have so many items I’ve bought and only worn once or twice. My goal is to make all purchases something I can wear over and over again.

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