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July 8, 2016·

GOOD GRACIOUS. You guys. Holy moly. This Summer CAUSEBOX blew me away! No joke. I couldn’t BELIEVE all the stuff we got and how awesome all of it was.

No, CAUSEBOX is not like any other subscription box out there. For those that haven’t heard of it before, CAUSEBOX by Sevenly is a quarterly subscription box filled with 5-8 very meticulously curated seasonal items ALL by brands that are produced by socially conscious brands… meaning they are all pieces that are sustainably and/or ethically made, donate a percent of profits to charity, or aim to inspire and empower others. It’s basically a box filled with happy goodness!CAUSEBOX Summer 2016 Review #StyleMyCAUSEBOX #MyCAUSEBOX #CAUSEBOX (11)

You can pay upfront annually or be billed quarterly – it’s $54.95 a quarter OR you can pay in a flat annual rate of $199.80 which comes out to about $49.95 a quarter.

Anyway! I wanted to share with you guys what I got in my Summer CAUSEBOX! And I think that this box isn’t sold out yet… so I think it’s not too late to snag a summer one!CAUSEBOX Summer 2016 Review #StyleMyCAUSEBOX #MyCAUSEBOX #CAUSEBOX (1)

This box was filled with items that had a total retail value of $196.84… for $54.95 (or $49.95) that is LEGIT a steal. Holy moly.

Anyway, let’s get to the review!

CAUSEBOX Summer 2016 Review

Esperos – Summer Tote (retail value $54.95)CAUSEBOX Summer 2016 Review #StyleMyCAUSEBOX #MyCAUSEBOX #CAUSEBOX (5)

“For every product that Esperos sells, they help fund one year of education for a child in the developing world — so you can simultaneously carry hope, and all of the things for your perfect Summer picnic!”

Okay, this tote is AMAZING. It’s the perfect size for going shopping, or even a quick trip to the pool, or you could even use it as a purse. I love the colors, the canvas is really well made, and it makes a great impact as well. I know this is going to be used A LOT!

The Smile Life – Limited Edition Beach Towel (retail value $29)CAUSEBOX Summer 2016 Review #StyleMyCAUSEBOX #MyCAUSEBOX #CAUSEBOX (4)

“This is exclusive towel collaboration has a timeless design that is made to match your new favorite tote! The Smile Life donates oral hygiene kits to at risk youth for every product that they sell, as a way of helping create and encourage more smiles!”

I have been on the HUNT for a cute beach towel that is also ethically made and so I was SO EXCITED to find this one in my CAUSEBOX. I love the colors, the stripes are adorable, and I also love the unique purpose behind The Smile Life.

Juice Beauty – Lip Moisturizer (retail value $15) CAUSEBOX Summer 2016 Review #StyleMyCAUSEBOX #MyCAUSEBOX #CAUSEBOX (9)

“This Lip Moisturizer is perfect for getting you through the Summer — and since 60% of what is placed on skin is absorbed, it’s a relief to know that the majority of the ingredients inside are from USDA Certified Organic Farms!”

I have been hearing such amazing things about Gwyneth Paltrow’s new beauty line, Juice Beauty! So, I was really excited to get this lip moisturizer in my CAUSEBOX. It smells amazing and goes on really smooth. A lot of lip products irritate my skin, and so far this one hasn’t at all! I definitely want to try out more stuff from her line.

Rise & Shine Print by Daniel Gurwin (retail value $10)CAUSEBOX Summer 2016 Review #StyleMyCAUSEBOX #MyCAUSEBOX #CAUSEBOX (6)

“This exclusive, gold-foiled print by Daniel Gurwin is inspired by “the magic of Palm Springs — a place where you don’t simply wake up, a place where you Rise and Shine.” Put it on your desk or by your bed, and you’ll feel the inspiration all Summer long.”

Plain and simple, this print is adorable! I have the perfect frame for it to go in and I’ll put it on my nightstand!

GoMacro Macrobar – Ellie Goulding Signature Bar (retail value $2.89)CAUSEBOX Summer 2016 Review #StyleMyCAUSEBOX #MyCAUSEBOX #CAUSEBOX (7)

“Ellie Goulding’s signature collaboration bar with GoMacro is the perfect companion for Summer excursions. It is vegan, macrobiotic, 100% natural, and sustainably sourced… and a percentage of sales from every bar support efforts to feed the homeless!”

To be honest, I haven’t tried this bar yet because I didn’t want to just eat it for the sake of eating it… haha! BUT, I have already thrown it in my purse to try the next time I need a little snack. Has anyone tried the GoMacro bars? Favorite flavors?

Love for Humanity Organics – Hydrating Facial Scrub (retail value $40)CAUSEBOX Summer 2016 Review #StyleMyCAUSEBOX #MyCAUSEBOX #CAUSEBOX (8)

“Love For Humanity creates products using USDA certified Organic ingredients, and every formula is free of toxins and fillers. The smell of this hydrating face scrub is impossibly refreshing, and for every product sold LFH donates one meal!”

I have tried a few other Love for Humanity products and have been a BIG fan of the brand, so I was REALLY excited to see this facial scrub in my box. I haven’t tried it yet (I literally JUST got the box this week and wanted to share the roundup with y’all before it was too late), but I can say right now that it smells AMAZING. I also love that it has all organic and natural ingredients and nothing yucky, toxic, or synthetic.

Tribute – Video Voucher (retail value $25)

“Tribute’s mission is to spread gratitude, appreciation, and love, by creating meaningful montages that can be held and cherished forever. This $25 voucher is good for one Tribute — which allows access to their amazingly easy-to-use video making platform.”

I was so excited to learn about Tribute! The concept is really amazing… basically it’s a way to easily create video montages, share stories, etc. and give someone a Tribute video that is meaningful and heartfelt. I am already brainstorming what I want to do for my first Tribute video!

Branded Collective – Brass Mini Cuff (retail value $20)CAUSEBOX Summer 2016 Review #StyleMyCAUSEBOX #MyCAUSEBOX #CAUSEBOX (10)

“Each one of these beautiful brass cuffs is hand hammered and numbered by a women rescued from Human Trafficking in Tennessee. Perfectly chic, minimalistic, and meaningful. You’ll be amazed at how many compliments you’ll get with this on!”

I was honestly the most excited about this because I loved learning about the story behind the Branded Collective. You guys know how important the issue of human trafficking is to me and how passionate I am about it… well the Branded Collective is just another organization that is doing amazing work to do their part to bring an end to this horrific reality. BRANDED collective has provided jobs to 14 survivors of human trafficking with the help of a Nashville-based non-profit, End Slavery Tennessee. These survivors are employed to handcraft the jewelry and 25% of the profits are reserved for the rescue and restoration of survivors.CAUSEBOX Summer 2016 Review #StyleMyCAUSEBOX #MyCAUSEBOX #CAUSEBOX (12)

I love Tater’s paws in the corner… 🙂CAUSEBOX Summer 2016 Review #StyleMyCAUSEBOX #MyCAUSEBOX #CAUSEBOX (2)

WHEW! Talk about an amazing box!!! What do y’all think? What are your favorites? Have you heard of any of these companies? Share your thoughts in the comments!

*Not sponsored – I subscribe to CAUSEBOX because I love it and believe in their mission!

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