1. I love the idea of Stitch Fix! In my head I’m pretty badass ( not in reality, but I’m cool with that), so I’d request something black and tough looking.

  2. I carry some extra weight in my mid-section so I’d ask for tops/sweaters that would help to hide that without making me look pregnant!

  3. I would request a blue jean jacket. And I love the 30 wears idea. I will definitely ask myself that question when my next fix arrives.

  4. I’ve always wanted to try StitchFix, so I am excited about this giveaway! I would request some cute business casual clothes…items that I can wear at home and at work and be comfortable in. I love your style and would probably share some of your outfit pictures for them to try to recreate!!! :o)

  5. Great tips on ethical shopping! As a budget shopper, sometimes I find it hard to afford ethical items since they are typically more expensive, but its important to support that industry. Even if you can’t fit ethical items in your budget, dedicating yourself to the 30 wear rule is something you can do!

  6. Great 30wear question to ask and I think I have many things that don’t fit in to that category. Time to cut back. Love all the stitch fix favs you shared! Thanks for hosting the linkup per usual and have a great week.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  7. I would request lightweight blouses that I can easily nurse my daughter while wearing. Those are so hard to find!!

  8. Although their prices tend to be over my typical budget, I do enjoy receiving Stitch Fix boxes every now and then. I just got one (and will be sharing a review on Wednesday) and they sent a really cute maternity dress that I’m in love with!

  9. I am a huge Stitch Fix fan! We live in a small town where there is no clothing shopping, so Stitch Fix is a life saver for me! I would love to request a “whole outfit” fix or a staples fix. I am in need of a new denim jacket too! Thanks for the introduction to the Bumble Collection! I love the Down by the Shore tote in the gray pattern. I am loving the #30wears idea too! I always love your Monday posts! Be blessed Molly! Susan

  10. I like the Royal Ruby Montage from the Bumble Collection, and I’m not really sure hiw to answer the question for Stitch, but I’ll just say that I’d request jeans, tops, and shoes?

  11. I have been seeing the #30wear hashtag now on social media and love the idea behind it. Most of my items probably don’t in this category which means I have way too much clothes.

    Thank you for hosting and hope you are having a fab week!



    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

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