Grace & Lace kimono, PACT apparel v-neck tee, Stitch Fix "Kensie" red jeans, Lily Jade diaper bag | North Carolina Fashion Blogger (1)


  1. you just described me to a t! people are always shocked that i am an introvert, too, b/c i am very talkative in public settings…like lines, or sitting next to strangers, but not at something larger, like parties. i do public speaking, too, for my job, which if you ever asked if i thought i’d be doing this, you’d get a bellowing “hell no” from me.

  2. I am very much an introverted extrovert. I think “ambivert” is the term for it! PS: Great outfit! That kimono is beautiful.

  3. Yessss! Same here! I lovelovelove meeting new people and being out, but have to retreat to the comfort and peace of a quiet home at the end of a day. It’s super exhausting to me to be around people all the time, as much as I love being around people. :p

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