Amos is Five Months Old! (21)


  1. We recently had the bottle issue with our 5 month old too. The things that seemed to help us were heating up his bottle to make it really warm, kind of like a bowl of soup warm, and also doing 24 hours of bottles one day. It was a huge pain for us, but he got it down! Good luck!!

  2. When Amos is given the bottle, is it you giving it to him? I’ve found that my daughter won’t take the bottle from me, but will from someone else. Another possibility that comes to mind is the bottle type? I use Comotomo because the nipple seems to be similar to a breast (without actually looking like one–ha!). It’s the bottle I’ve used with both of my girls, and they’ve done very well with it. I’m not sure if any of this is helpful, but it was worth a shot! ? Good luck!

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