Amos is Five Months Old!

July 21, 2016·

Our sweet, snuggly, happy, lovable boy is FIVE months old! The past month has gone even faster because I have been traveling so much… I feel like I am just blinking and everything is flashing before my eyes. It’s crazy!

We love sweet Amos and he is just such a blessing to us! Here’s his monthly update…

Amos is Five Months Old!Amos is Five Months Old! (1) Amos is Five Months Old! (3)

Weight & Height: He was just about 15 pounds and 24.4″ at his 4 month appointment, so I’m guessing he’s around 17 pounds and maybe 26″ now? This is a complete guess…Amos is Five Months Old! (20)

Nicknames: Mr. Man, Monkey Man, Little MonkeyAmos is Five Months Old! (6)

Amos is Five Months Old! (9)
look at that red hair!!!

Sleep: I’ll be honest, it’s not the best. Some nights we do okay, but most nights he is still up 1-3 times at least… But, I think it’s just easier for me this go ’round because I know this stage is short lived (I hope) and that I’ll sleep eventually. Plus, he is such a good snuggler and he is cute, so all is forgiven.Amos is Five Months Old! (15)

Eating: Still nurses like a champ! We nurse every 2-3 hours, but I can sometimes get him to go every 4 hours. However, he won’t take a bottle which is tough… we are working on that. If anyone has experience with this, please leave me a comment or send me a message with your advice! If you know a great bottle or trick to getting him to take a bottle, that would be swell. 🙂 Amos is Five Months Old! (13)

Diapers: We are still doing cloth, but when we travel (which has been a lot recently) we use disposables and he’s in size 3! Amos is Five Months Old! (11)

Clothing: Wearing exclusively 6 months clothing, but I think we will be in 9 month before we know it.

Amos is Five Months Old! (10)Mood: Still SUCH a smiley and happy baby… BUT, when he is hungry or tired, get. out. of. the. way. He will let you know that he is unhappy!Amos is Five Months Old! (16)


Amos is Five Months Old! (17)Doesn’t Love:

  • The car (hates. the. car.)
  • Loud noises

Amos is Five Months Old! (18)What I Want to Remember / Milestones: He has been such a champ traveling with me so much over the last month! We’ve been to Utah, the mountains, and New York City! He’s become such a great little traveler and it’s been so fun.

Amos also has started rolling over! He is rolling from back to front and front to back! He’s my little rolly polly.

He is also getting really great at visual tracking and is really alert and observant. He’s just always watching and taking in his surroundings.

Amos is Five Months Old! (19)Mommy & Daddy: We are doing well! John has really come to love babywearing Amos and Amos loves that time with his daddy. Amos has been with me SO MUCH over the last month with all the traveling and it’s been great for bonding with him. I have loved that time with him.

The House that Built Me (9)Big Sister Lilly: Lilly has finally turned a corner with Amos and it has been awesome to watch. She loves playing with him and she loves giving him hugs and kisses. She even tries to make him laugh and watching the two of them together just explodes my heart.Amos is Five Months Old! (5)

What I’m Looking Forward To: We’ve got a lot of fun things happening in the next month… Lilly turns 3, John and I are going away together. alone. for a night. AHHHH. And just so much! The 6 month age range is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to watch this sweet boy grow!

Comparison Photos:

Amos is Five Months Old! (22)

And then Lilly and Amos comparison photos…

Lilly at 5 months and Amos at 5 months…

Amos is Five Months Old! (23)

Lilly at 5 months and Amos at 5 months… Amos is Five Months Old! (24)

Lilly at 5 months and Amos at 5 months… Amos is Five Months Old! (25)