A Trip to the Mountains with Toyota


  1. Oh wow, what a breathtaking spot–the photos are just beautiful! It really does look like the most relaxing place for a getaway. And how cool that you got to test drive the RAV4 for the weekend! I drive a Camry that I bought brand new in 2006 and love it–hope to drive it until it wears out (hopefully many many years from now).

  2. What a beautiful time , and the pictures from Grandfather Mountian are beautiuful! I live in NC too, and have been there once. Love the family photos Molly.

  3. That was so sweet of the dealership to put a bow and sign on the car for you. It looks like you had a wonderful time, and I wish I could have a car like that!

  4. So I live about 20 minutes from Grandfather Mountain, but about 5 from the parkway in Boone. I know just how good for the heart and soul that place is – it hits me all the time that I’m so blessed to be able to call it home. I’m so glad you had a good trip! That picture of Lilly in the field- that is a keeper!

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  6. Molly, these are gorgeous photos and it looks like such an amazing and relaxing weekend! I got a new Rav4 about 4 years ago and we loved it so much that my husband also got one for himself about 2 years ago! I love that the dealership had the big red bow on it for you. When we bought my car, it was right around my birthday so we jokingly called it my birthday present and the dealer put the big red bow on it for me, too, and we got some pictures! So much fun!
    Thanks for hosting the link up and do come join my On the Edge of the Week Link Up as well! I would love to have a celebrity on my tiny little link up!

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