1. With the Randy, did you size up or stay with your true size? I’m torn as I don’t mind it clinging to me but don’t want it to be too short in the front. Love this blog!

  2. Did you have any issues with your stretching out too much? I L❤VE LuLaRoe, but I don’t want to ruin my leggings by wearing them too long!

  3. You are seriously adorable! I love all these looks! I’m really wanting to LOVE lularoe stuff but sometimes it just looks too much like pjs to me. You look so cute and put together in all these looks! I pinned your outfits to give me direction next time I go to buy some lularoe!!

  4. I am 5 foot 11 and pre-pregnancy 170 lbs. Usually a size 4-6 in dresses. I just ordered a Medium Amelia and I am praying it will fit. I tried on an Amelia a couple months back and I think it was a medium and it was tight but I don’t think it was stretchy. What size do you have on?

      1. Oh great! I ordered one from the elegance collection and I was just praying it would fit for a holiday party this weekend.

  5. Love this! I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy. I susually wear a sm/med pre pregnancy and I’m at a med/lg maternity. I’m looking for some leggings and Irmas for comfy post partum. The OS leggings have been a little uncomfortable under the belly but not sure I need to go TC. And help would be awesome!

  6. I usually wear a size 10/12 and have no idea what size leggings to buy that would fit during my whole pregnancy. Any ideas? And have you been able to wear them post partum or did they stretch?

  7. Beautiful! As a nursing momma, dresses are a bit tricky, I look forward to the day when I don’t need “easy access” anymore!

  8. You look amazing in all of these outfits! What size are you in other brands? I think we’re about the same size and height. 🙂

  9. How tall are you? I just found out that I’m pregnant with my first, and I love the look of the Ana dress on you! But I’m worried it’ll be way too long on me. I’m only a little under 5’2″. Any thoughts?! Thanks!

  10. You look great in all these pictures! But a question: did you find that wearing your dresses while pregnant stretched them out? I’d love to wear my Lularoe dresses throughout my pregnancy, but not if that’s going to ruin them!

  11. Thanks for this post! I was just wondering if you think I should size up on dresses if I want them to fit me for maternity, or if the material is generally stretchy enough (aside from the stiffer fabrics) to wear my pre-pregnancy size. I’ve never tried LLR but I’m super excited. I love all the styles you shared!

  12. I’m just being introduced to LLR and already ordered a couple of tops and leggings. Originally I planned only to buy my girly girl 4 year-old some leggings, but after hearing rave reviews I bought for myself too. Can’t wait for it all to come in the mail! P.S. Love the prints you got- so colorful!

  13. Hi there! I was wondering what size Nicole dress you wear? Trying to decide what size to get. Thank you!

  14. You are just gorgeous!! Love your style! Your flats are amazing!! Thank you
    so much for such an amazing review of a fantastic brand!

  15. My daughter in-law is 7 month pregnant. She is only 5’2″ tall. What type of leggings I should get for her?

    1. What size clothing does she wear? If she’s a size 10 or below, I’d get the one size leggings… if she’s larger than a size 10, I’d get tall and curvy. I am short, but I like that I can cuff and pull up the TC leggings

  16. I love this post! Adorable! I’m so excited to wear my LuLaRoe throughout this pregnancy and keep my style this time around. I can’t wait to share this post with my VIP group!

  17. You are so stinking adorable in all these pics! I’m in love with the clothes and am about to get married and see babies in the future! Keeping rocking the roe!

  18. Hi! I am very curious why you love the LuLaRoe brand so much when their clothes are predominantly made in China? They aren’t Fair Trade, Ethically produced, nor organic non chemical fabric & dyes, right? I have several friends that are reps, and was excited until I found this out 🙁

    1. Hey Laineenee! Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting! I have talked a lot about this before, but I LOVE talking about this so I’m happy to talk more about it here. They actually aren’t predominantly produced in China. They have factories in the USA, China, Guatemala, Vietnam and Korea. While they are not certified fair trade (which A LOT of companies who produce ethically aren’t), they do produce ethically. They monitor their factories to ensure that workers are being paid a living wage (as opposed to just a fair wage), factories are clean, they don’t employ child labor, they have extremely high standards, they also make sure workers are not forced into working overtime, etc. etc. etc. Also, they just partnered with this company to work on a system for using recycled textiles: https://vimeo.com/114698289. I hope this is helpful!

      1. You are gorgeous!! Love your style! Your flats are amazing!! Thank you so much for such an amazing review of a fantastic brand!

  19. I’m a LuLaRoe ADDICT! At first, I wondered “What’s all the fuss about?” Then I bought a few pieces to help a friend that had just started as a consultant…and then there was that print that I needed to have or that style that I wanted to try because it looked so stinkin’ cute on someone else. Now, here I am! Full-blown LuLaRoe addict…so much so that I’m actually considering becoming a consultant myself! Ha! Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I enjoy following your blog for many, many reasons–but I LOVE seeing what cute new prints you’re sporting! You make them look so adorable, that several of the pieces have become my “unicorn” at one point or another! One style that I have a serious phobia of is the Ana. I’m afraid I’m too short or that it won’t look good one me. Since your Ana fits you PERFECTLY, would you mind sharing how tall you are and what size you’re wearing in the picture? Please?

  20. Girl you look so great in everything! Can I ask where the cute flats with the contrast heel are from? Love them!

  21. While pregnancy days are in the past for me, I really need to attend one of these parties so I can see these goodies in person! My daughter and I both love leggings paired with warm sweaters in the fall and winter and I hear these are the best leggings ever! Please tell someone to invite me to their party(; You look amazing in everything!! Susan

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