How Stitch Fix Changed My Style (& Link-Up)

August 1, 2016·

It is crazy to think that I have been receiving fixes from Stitch Fix for over two and a half years! To be quite frank, when I first learned about Stitch Fix in 2014, I was at a point in my life where I was six months postpartum, I was totally unhappy with my body, I was in a major style rut, and I absolutely despised getting dressed every day. I just felt awful.

Sure, I wrote this blog and styled outfits for the blog, but I just was feeling very uninspired, if you will, by my closet. I thought Stitch Fix might be something fun to try and I thought I might enjoy it. I had no idea what it would do for me…

The fact is, Stitch Fix hit a “reset” button on my style that needed to be hit for so long.

This is a picture from my first fix… I only kept one thing from that first fix, but I knew right away that I loved the concept, I loved the service, and there was something special about it.

Stitch Fix Review - My First Fix (What I Got & What I'm Keeping) (7)

It took a couple of months, but after about 3 or 4 fixes, I found a stylist, Kimberly J. who just GOT me. I could tell she knew my style and really listened to my feedback! Kimberly J. has been my stylist ever since – TWO YEARS! I have never met her in real life, but I just adore her.

What I love is that my stylist has pushed me out of my comfort zone and had me to try on things that I would have never in a million years picked out for myself. I know there have been pieces that I have grabbed out of the box and said, “Oh no WAY am I going to like that!” And, inevitably, I end up loving it!

I remember I thought this top (pictured below) was going to look like a curtain… and it ended up being one of my favorite tops ever!
RENEE C “TUCKER MIXED PRINT SPLIT-BACK TANK”, Red Kensie Jeans, Blue C. Wonder Heels (7)

And then, in September 2014, I had the insane and incredible privilege to fly out to San Francisco to visit the Stitch Fix headquarters and warehouse. I remember asking my husband if it was a prank or something when they invited me… I didn’t believe it! I was so excited! But anyway, learning all about the heart and SOUL of the company made me fall in love with them even more. #StitchFixVacay Part Two: The Hizzy & Photo Shoot (45)It was amazing getting to see how it runs and how much they truly care for their clients! Plus, I got to meet some other amazing bloggers (and that’s also how my Nickel and Suede addiction began because that was right after Kilee (pictured far left) had launched N&S!)

#StitchFixVacay Part Two: The Hizzy & Photo Shoot (61) #StitchFixVacay Part Two: The Hizzy & Photo Shoot (82) #StitchFixVacay Part Two: The Hizzy & Photo Shoot (95)

The thing that I have learned about myself and my style over the years is that it’s all about filling your closet with pieces that bring you JOY and make you feel beautiful and confident. It’s not about amassing a bunch of “stuff” or a bunch of clothes just to have them, I only buy things that I know I LOVE and that I know I will wear over and over and over again.
Papermoon "Pollyanne Lace Hem Kimono"

So many of the pieces I’ve purchased from my fixes I have worn and worn and worn and will wear for years to come. And every time I put them on I feel confident and beautiful.

I’m not going to lie, confidence is STILL something I struggle with. I’m a size 14 / XL. I’m 5’4″ on a good day. I’m not stick thin. I’ve had two kids and my body is not what it used to be… but I’m actually MORE confident in myself and the way I look now than I ever have been. And while Stitch Fix and my stylist haven’t been the entire reason behind that, they are certainly a huge part of it. I realize that may sound silly, but I’m completely serious.

When I was at a point in my “style rut” where I literally dreaded getting dressed every day because I was covered in spit up or exhausted because I was running on no sleep, the simple tips and the style cards from my Stylist were the motivation I needed to just TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. That’s all I needed! It was a kick in the pants to get over myself and just try something new.
Stitch Fix Loveappella Maternity "Shanna Lace Detail Maternity Knit Top"

Then when I got pregnant with Amos, I was so excited because I was able to keep receiving fixes and try out Stitch Fix maternity. Even as my body changed again, I loved trying on new things that boosted my confidence and made me feel a whole lot less frumpy. 🙂 Charleston, South Carolina Anniversary and Maternity Photography with Annamarie Akins Photography (53)SSEKO Designs "Terra Leather Convertible Crossbody Bag"

And now, two and a half years later, I feel like I’m entering my prime. 30 has been awesome (I’ll be 31 this month! GAH.) and I feel like I’m finally starting to really hone in on who I am and how that shows through my style.

I also love that in my quest to fill my closet with things that are ethically and sustainably made, I love that Stitch Fix has also been able to be a part of that too! Kimberly J. has been so awesome to send me pieces that are made in the USA, made by companies who give back, or companies that are sustainable and doing it right. She’s awesome for always hearing my feedback and taking that into account with each and every fix!
Stitch Fix Le Lis Jessamine Scoop Neck Blouse, 31 bits bracelet, Sseko Designs clutch, The Root Collective Izzie Dorsay Flats | Ethical Fashion & Style Blogger (1)

It’s amazing how much can change in two and a half years. Heck, it’s amazing how much can chance in two and a half weeks…

But when I look back at the pictures of me when I first received my first fix and then look at the pictures of me now… I see such a world of difference behind those eyes. More mature, more confident in who I am, and I love that I’m not afraid to try something new… especially when it comes to my style.

What do you think? How has your style changed over time? Have you tried Stitch Fix? How has it changed your style?

*This is not a sponsored post. I receive my Stitch Fix fixes on a monthly basis because I choose to and I love the service, the company, and my stylist so much. The link to try Stitch Fix is an affiliate link and I do get a small commission if you click through and sign up to receive a fix of your own. If you do sign up for Stitch Fix, you also have the ability to share and refer people and receive a credit of your own. Thank you for reading!

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