The "All Bottoms" Stitch Fix Review & Link-Up


  1. I copied your “all bottoms” fix request. I pinned those Laila Jayde joggers and was so happy when my box arrived today and there they were. How can something so comfortable still be so flattering?! I’m in love.

  2. Love those first pants! Fun fix request idea! Love that you look for and Stitch Fix has options Made in the USA!

  3. Oh, those Lila Jean jeans. I feel the same way every time I try that color. I feel naked. Glad you didn’t keep those.
    And that second skirt!??!?! I love it and I want it!!!! I know if I request it I will get the runaround but I love it!

  4. those pants you didn’t keep-shame-i think they fit you really well, but you were right about the color. i have a question…does something mean it’s ethically made just b/c it’s made in the usa? can’t there be poor conditions here? from this post, it just seems that usa means “ethical, ” to use your term, but i guess that’s not how i think of it. love your fix posts!

    1. Great question! And there’s certainly a lot of discussion that is healthy that could happen around factories in the United States… and while I am certain there are factories that aren’t the best… the standards and labor practices in the US are FAR beyond what they are in many other countries. You’re not going to see coercion, child labor, slave labor, etc. in the US like you see abroad. Companies who manufacture here definitely need to be held to a high standard 🙂

  5. OMG! Stop the mailman!! I loved the skinny jeans on you!! Paired with a dark top they would be super cute!! Loved the second skirt too!! Btw, love the Fix posts. ?

  6. Great idea for a Fix – all bottoms! I love the joggers and skinny jeans! And I agree about the first skirt. Love the pattern, but I like symmetrical and the hemline would bother me too. I think I may try an all bottoms Fix!! Love your Fix posts! Susan

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