"Look Alive in 5" Five Minute All-Natural / Non-Toxic Makeup Tutorial for Busy Moms (19)


  1. My makeup routine with a toddler and 6 week old is very similar! Lately I haven’t even been putting on anything (I barely shower or brush my teeth until night), but I did this morning and it makes me feel so much better. I’ve also been switching out products for more natural versions and wish I’d hurry up and use some things up so I buy some new stuff!

  2. This is great, I wish I had eyelashes so I could apply any type of mascara, for now I can’t even do mascara as I have no eyelashes, they are so short you can’t even see them even with mascara! 🙂 This is so simple and easy, great job!

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  4. You’re always gorgeous! I still prefer to fill in my brows because they’re so sparse at the ends, but have you checked out Glossier’s Boy Brow? I’m not well-versed in ingredients unfortunately, but I do now it doesn’t have parabens. It’s one of my favorite brow gels I’ve used.

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