My Interview with a THREE YEAR OLD

August 18, 2016·

You guys, Lilly is THREE YEARS OLD today. I am feeling all of the mama feels because I blinked and boom… she’s three. She’s basically a teenager now. I think she’s already filled out the forms for her 401(k) or something.

Lilly, from the get go, has been a giant ball of personality. She came out of the womb with a personality and that bright, vivacious, crazy, hilarious, imaginative personality is only continuing to flourish and grow and blossom. lilly-amos-3-years-6-months-15

Lilly’s dress c/o The Village Country Store

She’s so smart. Like, really smart. I realize a lot of parents think that about their kid and I am no different. I basically think she’s a genius. Not in the “she has the periodic table and all of Paradise Lost memorized” sense, but in the “HOW DOES SHE REMEMBER THAT?” and “HOW DID SHE KNOW TO PUT THAT SENTENCE TOGETHER?” and the “HOW IN THE WORLD IS SHE THAT CLEVER” sense. lilly-amos-3-years-6-months-9

Her vocabulary is ridiculous and she is so articulate. She LOVES to sing. She LOVES to dance. She LOVES to read. She LOVES her “Pink Star Baby” and Pink Star Baby has to come EVERYWHERE with us. She loves to collect rocks and quarters. She loves her “treasure” and her “questions” and her “lists.” If she has a chipped nail or broken nail she calls it a “broken fing.” She makes the best “funny faces” and loves trying to tell jokes. She goes at 100 miles a

She has the best imagination and is both so rough and tough, but also loves to dress up and be super girly. We are alllllllll about the princesses in Lilly’s world. So. Much. Princesses.

She is extremely strong willed and goes from 0-100 in no time flat. lilly-and-elle-dress-up-1

She LOVES preschool and she LOVES her friends and she LOVES the Lord. It’s amazing to see her little heart and her little mind begin to come to grasp (in a very child-like innocence way…) the gospel. She has so many scripture verses memorized, she loves singing praise songs, and she looks forward to reading through her bible every night. We’ve read through her Jesus Storybook Bible with her probably 5 or 6 times now (maybe even more) and it’s amazing the things she understands, the questions she asks, and her genuine curiosity.

lilly-and-elle-dress-up-8I could not be more proud of her and I love watching her grow… but at the same time, I wish I could just halt time and make her stay little forever.

Lilly, we love you so much and we thank the Lord every single day for blessing us with your sweet life.

lilly-amos-3-years-6-months-16Now, for something cute, I thought it would be fun to “interview” her on her birthday (with the intentions of interviewing her every year from here on out… but we shall see how that actually goes! haha!) lilly-amos-3-years-6-months-1

SO, here are my Twenty Questions for the Birthday Girl – Aka: “My Interview with a Three Year Old”

*I wrote down her answers just like she said them.

  1. What is your favorite color? Pink and purple and clear and pink and clear and purple
  2. What is your favorite song? Praise Him, Praise Him. Let It Go. and Frozen Heart
  3. What is your favorite food? Turkey sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly
  4. Where is your favorite place to go to eat? ‘Potle (*Author’s note: That’s what she calls Chipotle)
  5. What is your favorite drink? Water and milk
  6. What are you really good at? Playing all the things
  7. Who are your best friends? Elle and Abigail and PayPay (Penny) and Livy
  8. What would you buy if you had $1,000? One time, at the beach I found a sand dollar. That’s what I used to be.
  9. What is your favorite memory? Playing outside and inside daddy and you and Amos
  10. If you could have a wish, what would you wish for? A carrot (Follow up question… Me: really? Lilly: Yeah! A carrot!)
  11. Who is your biggest hero? Goliath
  12. What do you like to do with your best friends? I like to play toys with them
  13. What do you want to be when you grow up? A mouse
  14. What is your favorite show? Mickey Mouse
  15. What is your favorite movie? Frozen
  16. What is your favorite book? the Bible and Fancy Nancy
  17. What is your favorite animal? Goat
  18. Where do you wish you could go on vacation? Some ‘Potle somewhere
  19. What is your favorite piece of clothing? Dressing up like Cinderella
  20. What do you hope you will get to do before your next birthday? I wanna play outside.

Some of my favorite pics of Lilly from the last year:

lilly-and-elle-dress-up-13lilly-and-elle-dress-up-3Matching LulaRoe Mommy & Me Nicole & DotDotSmile Dresses (3)Trip to Grandfather Mountain - Linville, North Carolina with Southeast Toyota | RAV4 | #SoutheastToyota #ToyotaRAV4 #ad (40)Trip to Grandfather Mountain - Linville, North Carolina with Southeast Toyota | RAV4 | #SoutheastToyota #ToyotaRAV4 #ad (55)oak-island-vacay-2016-53 oak-island-vacay-2016-66 Crocs #FindYourFun Father's Day | Oak Island Beach Family Trip (6) Crocs #FindYourFun Father's Day | Oak Island Beach Family Trip (18)LulaRoe Kids & Toddler Fashion | Girls LulaRoe Gracie Tee, LulaRoe Kids Leggings (1) Osh Kosh Kids #BreakForSpring Kids and Baby Style (6) Osh Kosh Kids #BreakForSpring Kids and Baby Style (8) Amos's Newborn and Family Photos | Raleigh / Durham Newborn and Family Photography | (C) 2016 Rebecca Keller Photography (5) Amos's Newborn and Family Photos | Raleigh / Durham Newborn and Family Photography | (C) 2016 Rebecca Keller Photography (9) img_8988.jpg life-with-two 2015 Santa Mini Session | Raleigh, North Carolina | (C) 2015 Rebecca Keller Photography (1) Adorable Paper Wings toddler girl's dress for winter from Little Skye Children's Boutique #embracechildhood #pmedia #ad (8) Love the cool kids clothes at Sailor Janes (4) Mojo's Boutique - Children's Clothing Review Mojo's Boutique - Children's Clothing Review Cleveland Browns #MyNFLFanStyle #cg (3) Our 2nd Cruise on the Disney Dream (9) Our 2nd Cruise on the Disney Dream (24)

We love you, Lilly girl.

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