The Village Country Store | #FashionForGood Friday

August 26, 2016·

While I obviously love ethical brands that make a particular product (like shoes, jewelry, bags, clothing, etc.), I have a special place in my heart for stores, shops, and boutiques (both online and brick & mortar), that are your “one-stop-shops” for all things ethically made.

The Village Country Store is one of those shops and I just ADORE

I actually found the Village Country Store through my Purchase with Purpose Facebook group that I run… the woman who runs it, Michele, is a member and I loved connecting with her! She is such a sweetheart and has such a HUGE passion for ethical fashion, fair trade items, and purchasing with a purpose.

The more I learned about her online shop, the more I loved it!

The Village Country Store is a shop that features BEAUTIFULLY handcrafted goods, clothing, gifts, and more. Everything from home decor, to housewares, jewelry, apparel, bags, and stuff for kids!

EVERY single item in the shop is carefully selected and tells an amazing story of the person that made it. Every single item in the shop is BEAUTIFUL, personal, unique, and you KNOW that what you’re buying is not only meaningful for the recipient, but also meaningful for the person that MADE it.

The person that made it was treated fairly, paid a living wage, and is has been given an opportunity to FLOURISH. I. Love. It.

lilly-amos-3-years-6-months-16 lilly-amos-3-years-6-months-18

Another reason I loveeeeee shops like The Village Country Store is because it’s a place where you have SO MANY options for gifts, goods, and more… it makes things SUPER easy when it comes to wanting to buy ethically.


Lilly’s Dress and Amos’s Bib c/o The Village Country Store

What about you? Check out The Village Country Store and let me know what your favorite items are!

*Not a sponsored post. I just love The Village Country Store!