Amos is Six Months Old!

August 25, 2016·

Our sweet boy, Amos James, turned SIX MONTHS OLD last week. It has been a crazy 7 days… My father-in-law’s birthday, Lilly turning 3, Amos turning 6 months, me turning 31. We have a lot going on in that time!

We just love his little personality and I can’t imagine life without him!

Here’s Amos’s 6 month update…

amos-6-six-months-photo-18 amos-6-six-months-photo-13Weight: 17.53 pounds

Height: 26.1″

amos-6-six-months-photo-9 amos-6-six-months-photo-1

Head Circumference: 43.43cm

Nicknames: Buddy, Buddy Roe, Mr. Man, Monkey man, Da beeyoo, Sweet boy

amos-6-six-months-photo-26 amos-6-six-months-photo-16 amos-6-six-months-photo-24 amos-6-six-months-photo-25 amos-6-six-months-photo-20 amos-6-six-months-photo-17


Eating: The question is… when is he NOT nursing? He still nurses every three hours-ish and still wakes up at night ravenously hungry. He’s not quite ready for solids yet (in my opinion), but we will likely introduce them at some point this month!


Diapers: When he wears disposables, he is in size 3… otherwise he’s in cloth most of the time and we’re still using our beloved BumGenius all in ones and FuzziBunz pocket diapers.

Clothing: He’s in 6 month, 6-9 month, and SOME 9-12 month clothing.

Just Born #BuyBuyBaby #JustBornClub #showyoursparkle (2)munchkin-latch-breastfeeding-bottle-photo_0154

Mood: I mean, when he is hungry or tired, he is MAD. SO MAD. But, if he’s well rested and fed, he is the happiest baby on the block. He’s so smiley, he’s so sweet, and he just lights up when he sees mommy or daddy.


amos-6-six-months-photo-11 amos-6-six-months-photo-7 amos-6-six-months-photo-8

Doesn’t Love:

  • The car (same story, different day)
  • Sleeping (apparently)
  • Teething (UGH)
  • Loud noises
  • Being beat up by his big sister (she means well)
  • Not being held at all times

What I Want to Remember / Milestones: 

Amos cut his first tooth this month and his second is about to pop through the skin ANY moment! I can see it sitting at the surface… He has just been MISERABLE with teething. Everything that worked well for Lilly’s teething is not working with Amos… NO IDEA WHY. So, we are working through it!

Mommy & Daddy:

We had our first night away this month and it was SO needed… frankly, the time alone wasn’t long enough 🙂

Big Sister Lilly:

She loves her brother… HARD. Sometimes too hard… haha! But in all seriousness, she really does love him. She always asks to “Hold him and see him” and she always wants to “See his eyes open.” It’s hilarious. I realize you can’t hear the way Lilly says it through my typing, but trust me… it’s cute.

What I’m Looking Forward To: 

Lilly starts back up in preschool in a couple weeks and so I’m looking forward to getting back into a “routine.” Things are also finally starting to slow down a little bit and so I’m looking forward to some time to just breathe.

For Comparison: Lilly on the left, Amos on the right…


Lilly on the left, Amos on the right… 1781854_10100184953269279_400539734_o

Amos Month by Month



We love you, sweet Amos James! <3