Three Tips for Getting the Most Out of Baby's Wardrobe with Carter's (1)


  1. That’s so true about getting a photo straight away in the cute outfit you just had to buy. I had some beautiful outfits for my daughter that she never wore because it was just easier to put her in something simple like a babygro. Then as she got older she became fussy about fabric and would only wear soft and stretchy clothes. She’s seven now and still won’t wear jeans!

    Emma xxx

  2. I shopped at consignment stores and annual thrift markets at church all the time when Eve was a baby, and found such amazing deals all the time, especially with rompers 🙂

  3. Your baby is just the cutest…. ever!
    When I became a first time parent, my daughter had wayyyy too many clothes, she even had a bathrobe! She probably only got to wear a quarter of her wardrobe. Bodysuits are a must! And Carters is still my fav store to get them stylish and affordable clothes.
    Thank you for hosting,

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