Stitch Fix Review #33 + Stitch Fix for Men! | September 2016

September 20, 2016·

Another month, another Stitch Fix review! This month, I asked my stylist to send me pieces that would transition well to fall and winter and I also told her to send me something fun and/or edgy!

Check out what Kimberly J. sent me this month, what I thought, and what I kept! Also, be sure to read to the end for a really cool Stitch Fix announcement!

Skies are Blue “Delaine Belted Shirt Dress” – Size XL – $68

Stitch Fix Review #33 - Skies Are Blue "Delaine Belted Shirt Dress" - Size XL Stitch Fix Review #33 - Skies Are Blue "Delaine Belted Shirt Dress" - Size XL

I know this is a SUPER popular dress among SO many Stitch Fix users… it comes in a couple different colors and is really flattering. So, why didn’t I keep it?

Well, for one, it was just a HAIR on the short size for me. I typically like my dresses to hit right at the knee or below it. I realize it’s not actually that short, but I just don’t like above-the-knee dresses (for the most part).

Second, it was also just a hair tight in the shoulders and so I didn’t feel super comfortable in it.

Third, it’s a brand that I don’t know a lot about as far as their manufacturing goes and since the dress didn’t fit into the “30 Wears” category, I couldn’t justify keeping it.

I think it’s a SUPER cute dress, just not for me this time around. 🙂

Edyson “Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket” – Size XL – $88

Stitch Fix Review #33 - Edyson "Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket" - Size XL Stitch Fix Review #33 - Edyson "Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket" - Size XL

This jacket is really fun, but is definitely a more edgy piece. It is really soft and comfortable, but just honestly wasn’t my style… so I didn’t keep it.

Loveappella* “Edgewater Knit Top” – Size XL – $48

*Made in the USA

Stitch Fix Review #33 - Loveappella "Edgewater Knit Top" - Size XL and Kut from the Kloth "Theresa Zipper Detail Cargo Skinny Pant" - Size 14 Stitch Fix Review #33 - Loveappella "Edgewater Knit Top" - Size XL

I usually LOVE Loveappella pieces. I love the brand! Everything is really well made, it’s all Made in the USA, and everything is always really comfortable! When I saw this top out of the box, I thought it was really cute, but honestly when I put it on, I just didn’t love it ON me. I don’t know why, because I really feel like it would be a great, everyday shirt… but I just didn’t love it. So, I didn’t keep it…

Kut from the Kloth “Theresa Zipper Detail Cargo Skinny Pant” – Size 14 – $88 and Steve Madden “Feather Pointed Toe Loafer” – Size 8 – $69
Stitch Fix Review #33 - Kut from the Kloth "Theresa Zipper Detail Cargo Skinny Pant" - Size 14 and Steve Madden "Feather Pointed Toe Loafer" - Size 8

First let’s talk about these pants… I actually went back and forth on these pants SOOOOOO many times. I love Kut from the Kloth pants. They’re really comfortable, the fit was honestly PERFECT, and I really did like the color. But for some reason, I just couldn’t keep them. I think it came down to them being more “trendy” than anything and I don’t know how much I’d actually wear them. Now, I may regret returning them after all, but they really were great pants!!

Next, the shoes. While I like the loafer style, I actually was not impressed with these shoes. They felt cheap to me and the quality just didn’t match what I normally associate with Steve Madden shoes. They also were a little too narrow in the toe for my feet. Thus, these were returned.

Now, if you’re keeping score, you’re right… I didn’t keep anything this fix. But, out of 33 fixes, for this to have been only the second fix ever where I didn’t keep anything, I’d say that’s pretty good. And I really did almost keep the pants, I just decided at the last minute to return them.

I still LOVE my beloved Stitch Fix and love the service! I just shop differently and shop smarter now and only buy things I really, really love. 🙂

Now for a really fun announcement… Stitch Fix MEN is here!!!! WOOHOO!


I heard rumor earlier this year that Stitch Fix for men was on the horizon, and I’m so excited that it’s finally here! I told John about it and he is actually pretty excited to give it a try.

Why?? Well, the truth is, John HATES shopping. I mean, he hates it. Shopping is literally the bane of his existence and he’d rather do pretty much ANYTHING other than shop. And, he is the kind of guy where he will buy one thing that he needs and literally wear it until it’s got holes in it and it’s 10 years out of style. Haha! He is the KING of the #30Wears movement… he just doesn’t know that’s what he’s doing. stitch-fix-men-4 When we got married, he still owned the polo shirt that he wore for his HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PICTURE. And let’s just say… he should not have still owned that shirt. Bahahaha! (Love you, babe! Mean it!)

And while he certainly doesn’t need a lot, as he is a simple man with a simple style (he pretty much wears jeans, cowboy boots, and a shirt 95% of the time… unless he has a professional meeting then he wears work pants and a dress shirt, obviously…). BUT, he does realize that he needs a few key, quality investment pieces to add to his wardrobe.

So, needless to say, I am really excited for him to try Stitch Fix for men. Now, I know full well that this will certainly not be something he does monthly… BUT, I can honestly say that I think something like Stitch Fix men will be PERFECT for a guy like him to do maybe quarterly or twice a year to add a few key investment pieces to his wardrobe. I’m SURE you know a guy like that in your life!!

How does Stitch Fix for men work? 

It works JUST like Stitch Fix for women (or OG Stitch Fix…)

  1. Simply have your guy (or I guess you could do it for him) visit and fill out a style profile. And BE SPECIFIC!!
  2. Schedule a “Fix” and a stylist will hand-select FIVE pieces raging from pants, to shirts, to shoes, to accessories that the stylist thinks will work for him.
  3. A $20 styling fee is charged, but if you keep anything from the fix, that $20 fee is credited towards your fix.
  4. Wait and receive your fix on your doorstep. Try everything on and keep what you like and send back what you don’t. Shipping is free both ways!

That’s it!

Schedule a fix for your man (or have him schedule one) today! Oh, and did you know Stitch Fix has GIFT CARDS, too? You can get the guy in your life a gift card for him to try it out!!

So cool, right?!

Now what do you think? What did you think of the items I got in my fix? Should I have kept anything? Are you excited for Stitch Fix men?

*This is not a sponsored post. I receive my Stitch Fix fixes on a monthly basis because I choose to and I love the service, the company, and my stylist so much. The link to try Stitch Fix is an affiliate link and I do get a small commission if you click through and sign up to receive a fix of your own. If you do sign up for Stitch Fix, you also have the ability to share and refer people and receive a credit of your own. Thank you for reading!