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  1. Just wanted to tell youth I so much enjoy reading your blog. You are a precious young lady and this world really needs more people like you. God Bless you really Big, sweet girl!!!

  2. I have six words …do good, feel good, fair trade. Does that count? Or am i cheating! 😛 …Molly molly!!! You are working harder than ever, and I think to myself, ..”hmmm, she has husband, kids, job, blogging, fashionista, photography, word smith … etc etc etc”., ..”and how does she do it all?” Sooo, I am over at feedly, ( you know the place, a mega newsy aggregator for those of us who can never get enough of our favorite ‘purpose’ …soooo, i say “okay, let’s streamline news for Fair Trade” and guess who comes up First Over and Over Again??? YOU!!! 😉 …soooo, your PURPOSE must be doing something right! – Luv ya for you and all you do! Just sayin.

  3. Ahhh, Molly, I knew there was a reason why I keep gravitating back to your blog and reading your posts 🙂 you phrase things so eloquently, so succinctly, and I really appreciate it. Much as I would like to confess to having a similar word of the year, I do not. I do, however, have a “do not use phrase” of the year which, I am glad to say, I have not used since February. It’s a tough one, it involves cuss words, and it involves self-disparagement by the truckload. I know, I know, work-in-progress BUT I am so very intrigued by this word of the year thing you’ve been doing and hope to try it myself for 2017. I first need to discern what my word is, and then work on it xoxo

  4. My word for this year was devotion or devoted. I was devoting myself to learn to put the negative self talk aside and to embrace the community in which I live continuing the legacy that my dad left of giving back and as well as putting myself out there to meet new people.

  5. I think the word that best describes my year would be “roller coaster.” There have been so many ups and downs this year that I’m ready to move on to 2017! However, I’m so inspired by all of your hard work and achievements that I’m ready to make rest of this year and next the best ever.

    NCsquared Life

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