Healthy Toddler Lunch Ideas (Nut Allergy Free!) with Relay Foods (1)


  1. I also want to use these for my own lunch lol! I was just thinking today how I’ve gotten into a rut with not eating healthfully – thanks for sharing this! Definitely going to check out Relay foods!!

  2. I’ve never used Relay, but they aren’t available in my part of NC yet so no worries. I do love ordering groceries online from Harris Teeter though! The convenience is amazing and I’ve been trying to buy more organic, they certainly make it very easy and I’m actually saving money because I’m not wandering around looking at all the specials! 😂😂

    1. yes, girl!! seriously. you HAVE to try Relay! They are in Richmond so I’d think there’s a pickup location near you or you could do delivery!!! and their $30 off $60 promo this month is the best. i’ve been using Relay for over a year and loooooooove them!

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