Amos is 9 (and a half) Months Old!

December 8, 2016·

SO, in true #secondkidproblems fashion… I realized the other day that I never took Amos’s 9 month pictures and hadn’t shared his 9 month update. And it’s December 8th. He turned 9 months on November 19th. It’s fiiiiiiiinnneeeeee. With that in mind, I thought I’d just share his 9 (and a half) month update with you guys! 

We love this sweet boy and he is just becoming such a little ham and has the cutest personality. We have had some challenges and we are working through them, but overall he really is such a great baby!! He charms EVERYONE he meets and I mean… HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT SMILE AND THOSE CHEEKS?!!?!?!?! 

Weight: 18.31 pounds (26th percentile)

Height: 26.7″ (3rd percentile)

Head circumference: 17.5″ (30th percentile)


Nicknames: Mr. Man, Monkey, Monkey Man, Sweet boy, Buddy, Buhlly, Buddy roe

Sleep: Still not great. I can sometimes get a stretch from like 8p-3a, but he’s still up pretty frequently.

Eating: This is tough… we’re really struggling here. He still won’t take a bottle or sippy and he’s pretty much refusing solids. I mean, we are trying, but he just has ZERO interest. His pediatrician is talking about possibly sending him to feeding therapy… I’d love to know if any of y’all have experience with this! He nurses GREAT still (obviously…) and he is very healthy, but the main concern is he is starting to plateau…

Diapers: Still using mostly BumGenius Freetime cloth diapers and we use Honest Company size 4 disposables when we need to 

Clothing: 9-12 months 🙂 Lost My Name - Custom Children's Books, Alphabet Posters, Review and Giveaway (11)Our 2016 Family Pictures and our Artifact Uprising Christmas Cards (7)Our 2016 Family Pictures and our Artifact Uprising Christmas Cards (11)Our 2016 Family Pictures and our Artifact Uprising Christmas Cards (16)

Mood: This guy is so smiley! He definitely can get cranky… but overall, he is the happiest, snuggliest baby! He’s SO sweet and just has the sweetest demeanor!!


  • Being worn
  • Being held
  • Mommy (cries when I walk away)
  • Sitting up
  • His lion
  • Giggling

Doesn’t Love: 

  • Mommy walking away
  • Solid foods / bottles / sippy cups
  • When his sister beats him up
  • Sleep


What I am looking forward to: Amos’s First Christmas!!!!

We love this sweet boy and can’t imagine life without him!! <3