Bought Beautifully | #ForGood Friday

December 16, 2016·

I think it was over the summer that I was on the hunt for some ethically made home / kitchen products and stumbled across Bought Beautifully. I quickly realized that they are SO MUCH MORE than just some cute ethically made home decor (they also carry jewelry, bags, etc.!), they are really about sharing products that live out love.

Bought Beautifully - Ethically Made Home Goods | #ForGood Friday (2)
Their vision is to provide a shopping experience that allows people to use their financial blessings for the good. The Bought Beautifully marketplace allows people to use their purchases to support business, organizations and ministries that are being the hands and feet of Christ. I mean, not only are all of their goods that they carry amazing, I LOVE their hearts behind this company that really, in so many ways, is a ministry!

Here is a short video that shares a little more about the founders’ story:

This spiral server set is absolutely beautiful. I know it is something that is going to end up being a family heirloom. I really treasure antiques and family heirlooms (hence why all of our dishes and serving pieces are, quite literally, family heirlooms. We use the same plates and cups my grandparents used and they’ve held up so well over time. They’re SO special to me!) 

The server set is made by Glad Tidings Holy Land Designs and man, this particular artisan group is amazing.

This group is an outreach to the physically challenged and underprivileged in the Holy Land. They are located in the hills of the Roman city of Philadelphia, which is now modern day Amman, Jordan. The Glad Tidings / Holy Land Designs Workshop currently trains and employs around 20 full-time workers!! How amazing is that?!

I love that they stick to a very culturally signifiant work of hand-carving pieces out of natural materials.

One foundational principle of Glad Tidings is to work for the good of the community, making certain that the artisans who produce its unique handicrafts make a “living wage.” This means that an average salary is sufficient to provide housing, food and education for a family of four. THAT is life changing, you guys. LIFE. CHANGING.

Bought Beautifully - Ethically Made Home Goods | #ForGood Friday (3)

As you can probably tell, I absolutely LOVE Bought Beautifully and think what they are doing is amazing (in addition to all the GORGEOUS pieces that they carry!! I mean, REALLY!!!) 

I hope you check them out!!!

*This spiral server set was sent to me by Bought Beautifully. I LOVE this company and only share with you guys companies I truly believe in!! Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog! 🙂