Grace & Lace Pointelle Tie Back Sweater, Casual Fall Fashion (1)


  1. I am reading The Magnolia Story as well. And right now I am just trying to get into the Christmas Spirit, it is still not happening, But I am tackling many projects to keep myself busy.

  2. Hi, Molly!! Love your right now list! I clicked on several links and I’m appalled and saddened by what is happening in Syria. My heart and prayers go out to them all. I also am wanting to purchase a lace extender. I remember you sharing about it on your blog a little while ago. This would be a very versatile piece to add to my wardrobe. I’m a size 2X-3X. Do they sell plus size extenders? Also, I pray that your little one shows interest in a bottle soon mama. I hope that soon your nips will be free…lol.

    1. Hey Kishina!! I know, it is absolutely heartbreaking what is happening in Syria right now 🙁

      RE: the lace extender, so they have lace extenders that go up to size XL and some of them are VERY stretchy and forgiving… I would actually think that an XL one would fit you well. Especially the chiffon high low one here: I hope that helps!!

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