Amos is Ten (and a half!) Months Old!

January 4, 2017·

Once again, I am late posting Amos’s monthly update.

Whoops. #secondkidproblems

This guy has had a big month. He’s starting to eat, he’s finally crawling, and he’s just the sweetest red headed boy a mama could ask for. I love being able to look back on these updates and seeing how far he has come and how much he has grown!!

Amos is Ten (and a half!) Months Old! (8)Amos is Ten (and a half!) Months Old! (4)

Weight: 18 pounds 14oz. (approximate)

Height and Head: Not sure?

Amos is Ten (and a half!) Months Old! (3)

Nicknames: Bud bud, buddy, buddy roe, Mr. Man, da bud bud, sweet boy

Sleep: He is having better nights recently!! Some nights are still terrible, but we have had a few nights where he’s slept from 7:30pm – 5am! That’s huge!!!

Amos is Ten (and a half!) Months Old! (2)

Eating: Boy… I could write a whole blog post on this. But here’s where we are at… We are finally starting to make progress with his eating. He is showing interest in solids which is huge. He is not great at eating them completely, but he is trying and he wants to. His favorites are actually veggies! 

We THINK he may have a wheat and/or gluten allergy. After we started introducing foods, he broke out in a horrible rash. It came and went for a couple weeks and got so bad we took him to urgent care over Christmas. We cut out wheat and the rash is pretty much gone. We took him to the pediatrician to run blood work and we are waiting on the results to come back. We may just go ahead and schedule an appointment with an allergist anyway for peace of mind.

He still won’t take a bottle, but we did find a sippy cup he will drink from! It’s, of course, a sippy cup from the dollar store. BECAUSE OF COURSE IT IS. Spent hundreds of dollars on all the bottles and a dollar store sippy cup he takes. OY VEY. It’s not perfect, but he will drink from it. 

We did get referred to a feeding therapist and I am keeping the appointment despite the progress he’s made. I think at least having the initial consultation to see if he really does need help will just be helpful for me! 

Anyway… we have some big things happening this month and your prayers are needed and appreciated… especially with regards to his eating / bottle / sippy cup situation!

Amos is Ten (and a half!) Months Old! (1)

Diapers: Still using mostly BumGenius Freetime cloth diapers and we use Honest Company size 4 disposables when we need to.

Clothing: 9-12 months (mostly 12 months)

My FAVORITE piece of clothing for him right now is his ModaBaby GripStart leggings!! THESE ARE GENIUS!! They have grips on the bum and knees to help him now that he’s starting to crawl. They’re handmade by a mama right here in the USA and the fabric is the softed bamboo! I’m obsessed. 

Amos is Ten (and a half!) Months Old! (7)

Mood: He seriously is the sweetest, snuggliest baby. I just can’t stand it he’s so cute!!!!!!

Amos is Ten (and a half!) Months Old! (5)


  • Snuggling
  • Being held / being worn
  • Mommy (he is a mommy’s boy for sure)
  • His lion
  • Playing with blocks / putting things in his mouth 

Lilly and Amos - Santa Mini Session with Rebecca Keller Photography - Raleigh, North Carolina - 2016 (6)Doesn’t love: 

  • Mommy leaving / walking away
  • Loud noises
  • Sister beating him up

25 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness - Kindness Advent 2016 | Recap #trikind25 #kindnessadvent #25daysofkindness (10)Milestones / Things I want to remember:

He has finally started crawling! He’s not proficient yet, but he’s on the move! He’s trying! He also is working on pulling up. He says “mama” and “dada” all the time – it’s hard to say that he’s saying them on purpose, but I like to think he is. We are trying to do baby signing with him but he’s not quite getting it yet. We are so thankful for this boy and we can’t imagine life without him!