Agnes & Dora black ruffle tunic, Agnes & Dora matching mommy and me leggings (2)


  1. I love all of these goals Molly! The no phones until the kids are in bed is something I might try to talk the hubby into! It is so hard not to look at your phone if it’s sitting beside you. Thanks for sharing these and motivating me to be a better mom!

  2. Again, Molly, thank you for your transparency. You’re helping people like me more than you’ll ever know. I too struggle with motherhood. I became a first time mom at a young age, so I’ve been “learning” for a long time now. I scream a LOT and that is one of the things the Lord brought to my attention that I need to work on. Anger, depression, isolation, and withdrawal is REAL! I’m learning healthy ways to cope with it all and find balance in the struggle. I feel pulled in sooo many ways that I don’t feel I know who I am anymore. I know it’s all a distraction of the adversary, but I refuse to give him the upper hand! Pray for me mama and I’ll continue praying for you and your family as well. Love, your sister in Christ….Kishina.

  3. Thank you for sharing this as it helps to know that other people are going through the same thing. I remember when I was pregnant with my first and people would tell me that having kids changes your life, I’d think of course it does, I’m not ignorant. But I didn’t really understand what that change would look like. My kids are teens now, and there are days when I think I can’t handle it, and they’d be better off with someone else as their mother. Because parenting is harder than anyone can ever realize from the outside, especially for a child with mental health issues. But I just keep doing my best and loving them, and can only hope that it’s enough for them in the long-run.

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