Some of my Favorite Ethical Clothing Options for Babies – #FashionForGood Friday

January 6, 2017·

Between emails from readers, comments / messages on social media, and posts in my Purchase with Purpose Facebook group, people ask allllll the time about where are the best places to get ethical clothing for kids and babies. I get it! This is one of THE HARDEST categories to shop ethically. Kids outgrow clothing so fast. Kids put a hurtin’ on their clothes and wear them out. Kids are expensive as it is… we don’t want to have to spend more on clothing for kiddos than we need to.

But shopping ethically, especially for my kiddos is so important to me. To put it quite frankly, I have a really hard time stomaching buying a piece of clothing for my kids that was likely made by a child. But please know this – I do not get this right all the time. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Progress, not perfection. Little changes in buying habits for my kids here and there is what can really add up and make a difference!


I thought it would be helpful to do a series of posts sharing some of my favorite ethical clothing options for kids and babies. It’s too much to try to all cram into one post, so I figured it would be best broken down by “category.”

Today? Babies!

Here are some of my favorite ways / places to shop ethically for baby clothes (in no real particular order)

Buy secondhand / consignment / used 

This is the cheapest option and also one of the most ethical ways to shop! Buying secondhand helps to keep clothing waste out of landfills, it lessens the demand from the major retailers, and many times you’re also supporting a small business or local charity (as many secondhand shops / consignment shops, etc. benefit non-profits or are privately owned!)

If you don’t want to try and wade through bins at your local goodwill or thrift store, I love shopping online for secondhand / used clothing. Try local buy/sell pages on Facebook, or look at websites like Schoola, My Kid’s Threads, and ThredUp! Schoola is a favorite because a portion of the profits benefit local schools!

My Kid’s Threads is an online designer consignment shop – perfect if you’re looking for more upscale kid’s clothing!

the-baby-hoodie_cobalt_p the-baby-legging_grass_p the-long-sleeve-babysuit_cherry_p

I absolutely LOVE Primary! They are the perfect place for high-quality, well-made BASICS. Everything is solid in color, super super soft, and wears very well. Plus, the prices are GREAT! Especially for ethically made clothing. All of their factories are WRAP certified! 🙂 I have purchased a few of their onesies, a sweatshirt, and baby leggings and they’ve been a favorite for us! Use code “AFF25PCT” for 25% off your first order from Primary!

PACT Apparel

Blogger Bash 2016 in New York City (7)

I’ve done posts about PACT apparel before and I absolutely LOVE them. Their clothes are the softest organic cotton! They have super cute bibs, bodysuits and hats, and leggings!

Tea Collection

Tea Collection - for little citizens of the world (1)

It’s no secret I adore Tea Collection. Their clothes are some of my absolute favorites and have held up so well. Everything is incredibly well made, really unique, super cute, and so soft!! They are on the pricier end (not totally outrageous, but definitely up there), but I honestly can’t say enough great things about the company, the clothes, and they often run AMAZING sales! So you can keep an eye out for those! You can also read my full post on Tea Collection here. (Get 20% off new arrivals this weekend with code “ADVENTURES”)

Moda Baby – ethically made baby leggings

Amos is Ten (and a half!) Months Old! (7)

Moda Baby is a new discovery for me and I am obsessed! Their signature “GripStart” Leggings are perfect for new crawlers and newly mobile infants. Amos has two pairs and they are amazing. They have really helped him with crawling, especially on hardwood floors. The leggings are handmade here in the USA with the softest bamboo fabric!

Wild Dill

Wild Dill

I have talked about Wild Dillbunch on the blog! This is one of my go-to shops for the cutest fair-trade and ethical items for kiddos. They also have a really cute selection of organic clothes for baby! You can check out my posts about Wild Dill here and here.

Kate Quinn Organics


Kate Quinn Organics has been around awhile, but I’m new to learning about them. They make ADORABLE baby clothes that are organic and fair trade. They have clothes for boys, girls, and even unisex options! AND they even have some on Amazon Prime! Winning.

A few places to get ethically made baby accessories (I will do a full post on more baby things… but wanted to at least include these two):

Krochet Kids – Ethically made knit baby hats, baby booties

Krochet Kids Intl. - Fair trade fashion for good (10)

Krochet Kids is my favorite place to get adorable baby hats, baby scarves, and knitted baby booties!! I did a full post on them back in the spring you can check out here.

Luna Blu Mar – ethically made baby bibs and burp cloths


Luna Blu Mar makes the CUTEST baby bibs and burp cloths! They make great gifts, but they are also super practical. We have a few for Amos and he wears one almost daily!

There you have it!

Those are some of my favorite options. Again, this is a hard category and you have to do what is best for you and your family, but I hope these options help you out!

What about you? What are your favorite places to get ethically made baby clothes?

Some of my Favorite Ethical Clothing Options for Babies - #FashionForGood Friday