Agnes & Dora plaid leggings, Elegantees tunic (1)


  1. I used to hate leggings too. I still won’t wear them with a regular shirt, but with a tunic they are PERFECT!!! Especially since becoming a mom jeans have become so uncomfortable. Do you have any tips on shopping for affordable, comfy leggings? Lularoe is outside of my budget and I hate the idea of having to rush to claim a pair before they are gone (going to an actual store to try them on would be my top choice since I’m tall and leggings tend to run short on me). Cute outfit!!!

      1. I went on their website and the page for their leggings says no products available. 😔 I’ll have to check back sometime.
        Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll need to remember this next time I’m out thrifting!

          1. Ohhhh, okay!!! Thank you for explaining! Request has been sent to join the group!

            Love you and your blog, by the way! It has been such an encouragement to me since I found it a few months ago! <3

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