Some of my Favorite Ethical Clothing Options for Toddlers & Kids – #FashionForGood Friday

February 10, 2017·

I got so much great feedback from y’all after I shared my favorite ethical clothing options for babies last month… so I wanted to continue the series and share with you guys some of my favorite ways to shop ethically for TODDLERS and KIDS! Because that’s a whole different ballgame than shopping for babies. 🙂 

Here are some of my favorite ways / places to shop ethically for clothes for toddlers and kids (in no real particular order)

Buy secondhand / consignment / used 

I can’t reiterate this point enough. This is the cheapest option and also one of the most ethical ways to shop! Buying secondhand helps to keep clothing waste out of landfills, it lessens the demand from the major retailers, and many times you’re also supporting a small business or local charity (as many secondhand shops / consignment shops, etc. benefit non-profits or are privately owned!)Lilly's Second Birthday (3)

If you don’t want to try and wade through bins at your local goodwill or thrift store, I love shopping online for secondhand / used clothing. Try local buy/sell pages on Facebook, or look at websites like Schoola, My Kid’s Threads, and ThredUp! Schoola is a favorite because a portion of the profits benefit local schools!

My Kid’s Threads is an online designer consignment shop – perfect if you’re looking for more upscale kid’s clothing!

Wildly Co. 

Wildly Co. is, by far, one of my FAVORITE places to buy ethically made clothing for kids. Not only are they purposefully designed here in the United States, they are also made by an amazing co-op cut and sew factory right here in North Carolina called Opportunity Threads. In fact, I had Molly Hemstreet (founder of Opportunity Threads) on my podcast a few months ago and loved hearing about what they are doing to ethically manufacture here in the states!

Anyway, Wildly Co. has done something really unique with their clothing… in addition to selling really well made separates, they have what’s called a “kid’s capsule collection.” So, basically you buy a mini-wardrobe of 5-7 pieces that can be mixed and matched. It really helps to teach your kids about living intentionally and also simplifies the process of getting dressed each day! 

You can learn more about the Wildly Co. brand here!

Tea Collection

Tea Collection - for little citizens of the world (15)

This is another one that I mentioned in the baby post… I really adore Tea Collection. Lilly wears her clothes HARD and she puts them through the wringer and they hold up so well. Plus, the clothes are SO cute and unique! You can also read my full post on Tea Collection here. 

Noni Bee

25 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness - Kindness Advent 2016 | Recap #trikind25 #kindnessadvent #25daysofkindness (12)


Noni Bee is another ethical clothing line that has really cute stuff that is handmade here in the USA. It’s owned by a sweet mama and they release capsule collections each season. Lilly LOVES the bright colors and fun prints!! The founder, Peri, was frustrated with the lack of available original, comfortable options for her daughter’s clothing that ALSO had personality… so she set out to make her own. She also wanted to make them long-lasting, natural, and sustainable!

image via
image via

I included Primary in the post for baby clothes and wanted to make sure I included it here because absolutely LOVE Primary! They are the perfect place for high-quality, well-made BASICS. I love their dresses and cardigans for girls, sweatshirts for boys, etc. Everything is solid in color, super super soft, and wears very well. Plus, the prices are GREAT – especially for ethically made clothing. As I’ve mentioned before, all of their factories are WRAP certified! 🙂 Use code “AFF25PCT” for 25% off your first order from Primary!

 Beru Kids

image via Beru Kids

I just adore Beru Kids not only for the simple fact that they make adorable and stylish clothes for kids, but also because they have a commitment to producing sustainably and ethically in the USA (in Los Angeles, actually!). They use a ton of organic materials and really put a lot of thought into making sure everything is well made and made to hold up to the wear and tear that kids put their clothing through! 

Wild Dill


I have mentioned Wild Dill a billion times (exaggeration) on this blog, but that’s only because I love them so much. They have so many adorable choices for ethically made clothing for kids and toddlers. (Babies, too! But that’s not what this post is about…). They have great options for boys and girls and they even have some awesome unisex options!! You will ADORE Wild Dill because, well, they are the best!

LulaRoe & Agnes & Dora

Matching LulaRoe Mommy & Me Nicole & DotDotSmile Dresses (9)Agnes & Dora black ruffle tunic, Agnes & Dora matching mommy and me leggings (7)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention LulaRoe and Agnes & Dora for my favorite clothes for toddlers and kids. Now, I know I’m going to get a lot of questions about “are LulaRoe and Agnes & Dora ethical companies?” 

As of right now, from everything I have read / researched / questions asked, etc… I can confidently say: YES

Agnes & Dora is still pretty small company and their clothing is still entirely manufactured in the USA. The downside is the fabrics aren’t necessarily made with the most sustainable materials / organic, etc. BUT they do use sustainable manufacturing techniques and treat their employees with kindness. Plus, the clothing is SUPER cute and really a great price! (You can connect with my Agnes and Dora rep here)

For LulaRoe, a lot of people ask about their ethics because they moved a lot of their production overseas. I looked into this A LOT when the move happened because I wanted to make sure they were still an ethical company. The fact is, LulaRoe grew a TON and super fast and they couldn’t meet the demand and still keep costs relatively reasonable. They have vetted ALL of their factories overseas, they do unannounced visits / checks, third-party audits, and many of their factories are WRAP compliant. I also love that they share stories, pictures, videos, etc. of their factories and show the conditions, etc. All of their employees are treated and paid fairly. Also, they are starting to do a sustainable line of clothing within LulaRoe that is made up entirely of recycled / upcycled fabrics! So they’re working towards that sustainability factor, too! 

So there you have it! Those are some of my favorite options for ethically made kids and toddlers clothing. 

There are obviously more options than these, but these are just some of my current favorites. I’d love to know some of YOUR favorites! Share them in the comments! 🙂