Amos is One!

February 21, 2017·

My insanely sweet boy is ONE YEAR OLD, you guys. ONE. He is one. I cannot believe it. I thought Lilly’s first year went fast but NO WAY. Amos’s first year FLEW by. I blinked and it was gone. It is so bittersweet… I love watching him grow, but man, it’s just such a stark reminder of how fleeting this time is and how fast time goes by. 

I realize I didn’t share an 11 month update with you guys (#secondkidproblems), so I’m sort of combining everything into this one year update. 

Here is Amos’s One Year Update!!


Weight & Length: 19lbs 12.2 oz – 28.5″

Head Circumference: 17.8″

Nicknames: Bud bud, buddy roe, buddy, Mr. Man, little man, sweet boy

amos-james-turns-one-photo-5 amos-james-turns-one-photo-4

Sleep: He is getting so much better! We DEFINITELY have our issues, but he has finally slept through the night a few times and I’m praising the LORD. It’s not consistent and we have our horrible nights of being up every hour or so… but I see a light at the end of the tunnel. 10-11 months were rough, especially when he started pulling up in bed. He would pull up to standing and just stand there and scream and it was awful. When I left for Kenya, John said the first night I was gone was awful, but he steadily improved each night. 

amos-12-month-update-photo_0025 amos-12-month-update-photo_0024 amos-12-month-update-photo_0027

Eating: He FINALLY figured out the eating situation. RIGHT before I left for Kenya, like a week before I left, it’s like a switch flipped and he started eating solids. He still nurses about 4-5 times a day, but he is also eating us out of house and home! He loves meat, rice, beans, veggies, and he is loving the savory flavors. He has a hard time with big things and he isn’t into sweets really. He doesn’t love fruit, but he will eat fruits in a pureed pouch. He also love veggie straws, puffs, and those dried snap peas and beans.  I am so thankful that he’s finally got eating down! It’s been so stressful, but we worked at it and he’s grown leaps and bounds in the last two months. Seriously… he’s like a totally different baby now! I was SO worried about him and we just kept at it and kept working with him and he’s worked so hard!!! I’m so proud of my little buddy.

amos-12-month-update-photo_0022 amos-12-month-update-photo_0020

Words and Signs: His favorite word is mama. He says “mama” allllllllll the time. He used to say dada but stopped once I left for Kenya… haha!! He can sign “milk” and he can sometimes sign “mommy” and “eat.” We are working on the others! This is about the age that Lilly picked them up so I’m just working with him on the different signs. He can wave and he just started clapping so I think he’s still getting those fine motor skills down! 

Clothing: He’s in 12 month and 12-18 months clothing now! 🙂 Getting bigger and bigger!

amos-12-month-update-photo_0021 amos-james-turns-one-photo-9 amos-james-turns-one-photo-8

Mood: The HAPPIEST baby on the planet. I thought Lilly was the happiest baby, but I think Amos may have her beat… haha 🙂 He is so smiley, so sweet, and just so snuggly. Everyone comments on his sweet and loving personality (and his red hair). His smile lights up a room and he just melts this mama heart!!


  • Meat and veggies
  • Snuggles
  • Being worn in the Tula
  • Going for walks in the stroller
  • Playing / crawling
  • Imitating sounds
  • Chewing on things

Best double stroller for a baby and toddler - sit and stand double stroller - Chicco BravoFor2 Double Stroller Review (6)Doesn’t Love:

  • Fruit
  • Loud noises
  • Being beat up by his sister
  • Mom walking out of the room
  • Christopher Walken films

amos-james-turns-one-photo-7 amos-12-month-update-photo_0023What I Want to Remember & Milestones: He finally started crawling just before he turned 11 months old and he is now crawling like crazy! He has six teeth now. He is eating well. He is getting stronger. He is more interactive and wants to try to communicate more. He and Lilly are also getting along so much better now and they are starting to play together. It is the cutest thing EVERRRRRRRRR. Their bathtime together is so precious I can’t even handle it. 

What I’m Looking Forward To: We are going to a friend’s wedding in a couple of weeks and I’m just looking forward to enjoying more warm weather with this sweet boy and his big sister! I love the spring and summer and I look forward to watching him grow up and explore and play! 

Here is Amos month-by-month… Look at how much he’s grown!


And a little side-by-side picture with Amos at one year and Lilly at one year!