Our Weekend (and the all new Let it Shine)

March 12, 2017·

When I did a reader survey at the beginning of the year this year, one thing A TON of you asked for was more personal posts and just “life” updates. Those are some of my favorite posts to share, so I’m happy to incorporate more of those!

Well, with that in mind, we just got back from going to Greenville, South Carolina for the weekend for a wedding! John was a groomsman because one of his childhood best friends was getting married. John’s parents were also invited, so we took a night to ourselves for the night of the rehearsal, but then we got to have the kids with us at the wedding.

My dress: LulaRoe Amelia Dress | Clutch and Shoes: The Root CollectiveEarrings: The Flourish Market (use code “stillbeingmolly” for free shipping)

We had dinner at Larkin’s on the River in downtown Greenville on Friday night and it was such a cool area. This was really my first time to Greenville and I loved it.  It’s such a cute city!

Since John was in the wedding, Lilly, Amos, and I had some time to just hang out and I had to get a picture of them in their outfits. I could not handle their cuteness. Amos was NOT in the mood for pictures and this was literally the best one I could get of the two of them. #momlife

(Lilly’s Dress: Cuteheads c/o | Lilly’s Shoes: Mini Melissa c/o | Amos’s Tie: Petite Peanut Boutique c/o | Amos’s Shoes: Sweet n’ Swag c/o)

It was great getting to catch up with some of John’s oldest friends (and his youth pastor from when he was in school!) Also, Nicole’s (the bride) dress was so gorgeous.

Sadly the only picture I got of the two of us throughout the night…

My dress: Agnes & Dora

Now Lilly was getting DOWN on the dance floor. Homegirl danced the. whole. time. She didn’t want to stop! Once the dance floor opened, she was on it till almost the end. If you watched my Instagram story on Saturday night, Lilly’s dance moves were something to truly behold. I mean, this is just a little taste:

lilly dancing gif

And then, like a light switch went off, Lilly was DONE. She went from dancing so hard to… not dancing at all.

Above all, the weekend was truly such an amazing time to see two people who love Jesus come together and promise to love each other forever. The whole ceremony and wedding was glorifying to God and I basically bawled through their wedding vows. Marriage is the BEST and I love witnessing people on fire for the Lord take that next step!

What about you? What did you do this weekend? What is new in your world?
Ok, we have big news!

Carly and I have been hosting our Let it Shine link-up for almost FIVE years. Isn’t that crazy?!?! We absolutely love the community that we’ve built here, but the reality is, blogs and social media has changed! A LOT. It’s important to us that we create a place that allows each of you to Let it Shine and a place where we can support all of you. So, we are evolving. Will we still Let it Shine every week? Yup! You bet. BUT, you’ll now find Let it Shine on… INSTAGRAM. AHH! We are so excited about this! Just use the hashtag #weletitshine!

How it will work:

  • Each week Carly and I will post an Instagram on Sunday evenings sharing something special from our lives using the hashtag #WeLetItShine
  • And what about you guys? You can use the hashtag ALL WEEK LONG! Anything you want to share with us, feel free.
  • Throughout the week, Carly and I will be sharing our favorite posts that you guys share on Instagram stories and tagging  you so that you get some extra love and exposure!

We are SO excited about this change and can’t wait to see all of YOU over on Instagram (check out both of us at @Lipglossandcrayons and @stillbeingmolly)!