What To Wear. Every day, Outfits by Cladwell app for iOS will send you outfit ideas based on what you currently own, what the weather is like, and how often you wear an item. (2)


  1. This sounds like such a fun app! I’m one of those ‘there’s an app for that’ kinda gals and I had no idea about this one!! I’m always down for a bit of help putting together a good look. Thanks for the info – off to get this App!

  2. This app sounds AMAZING! Who comes up with this stuff? And your ideas as so on target. They should hire you for your ideas!!! Bravo. Great review!

  3. I loved that part in Clueless!! I can’t believe it’s a reality! Can’t wait to try it. Will help so much when putting outfits together for blogging!
    xo, Lee

  4. Heh, I’ve never seen Clueless but then I grew up under a rock, haha but I kinda want to see it since I hear it’s based on Jane Austen’s “Emma.”
    This concept sounds really great though! I try to keep my closet super minimalist with lots of pieces that go together to create different outfits, but this app could definitely help with that!

  5. This ah-mazing!! I do the capsule wardrobe and this would be perfect. Also, Clueless and that amazing closet with the dry-cleaner-esque racks may have been the inspiration for my closet system lol Def getting this app!

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