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  1. I am currently teaching, have 2 kids 2 and under and am starting my first blog. I plan to stay at home next year so I am feeling a lot of pressure to get my blog going so I can contribute to our income, at least a little bit! I’m starting to feel like any free time I have is being used on my blog and there is NO BALANCE! I totally feel ya on this post 100%!!

  2. There seems to be a theme of similar blog posts on this subject lately and I love that bloggers are being real. Just yesterday Shay Shull (mix and match mama) posted on the same subject. She’s a few years ahead of you with ages of her kids so it may be encouraging.

  3. Thank you so much for encouraging people, and helping to be a part of the solution instead of contributing to the struggle like so many people tend to do (often not intentionally). Thank you for telling people they’re doing their best and that they’re enough. As a mother to two teenagers now, I can say that the balance piece gets easier over time. There are new struggles, but feeling pulled in two different directions eases over time. Hang in there!

  4. Thank you so much for this! The struggle is real, and I’m feeling it more than ever. My youngest is 5 weeks old today, and my older two are almost 7 and 4.5. With such a gap between #2 and #3, I had gotten into a decent routine and enjoyed my freedom (and my me-time, much needed for this introvert). I had started working on things like personal growth (Bible study, exercise) and growing my direct sales business, and even consistently having a somewhat-clean house. 🙂 But suddenly all of those things got put aside thanks to my new [beautiful] little one.

    I had started to have more of a label other than “mom”, and am back to being just mom again. It’s been tough. But I’m seeing the value of both, and trying to find pockets of time where I can invest in a little bit of self care and my own hobbies and interests too. I also think that’s helping me stay away from PPD. So thanks for sharing some of your story and struggles!

  5. I am sorry you are going through a rough patch Molly. But know that this too shall pass. Our daughter is 16 now and we still have rough patches and wonderful patches. Just keep God at the center and remember that you are enough(:

  6. I did need the encouragement today, Molly! So thank you for this post. Finding balance really is a struggle. And kids are demanding little people! Especially when you are trying to work from home. I find they are more demanding than any boss I have ever had during my entire working career! And with my husband being gone now for almost 3 months, the struggle is real! Thank goodness he returns home in 8 days and I can finally get a little break (after we transition to his being home again, of course!). But knowing we are not alone in this mom struggle really does help!


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