1. That is a great maxi dress. I’d love to get a maxi like that rather than the two-for jersey ones I always get.

  2. Loving your blog! I can’t believe you have had 45 fixes… You must have a gorgeous closet full of beautiful timeless piece’s…. Thank you so much.

  3. I like how the grey top looks on you! And those leggings make your legs look awesome. I agree about the dress. Too bad it’s not a different print, it looks so fabulous.

  4. looks like you got some good basics, i always look forward to seeing what other people get in their fixes

  5. I LOVE that wrap dress, especially because it looks like it keeps the “ladies” covered more than most maxi dresses. Any idea how I can get my hands on it? I’ve googled and can’t find it!

  6. I’ve always appreciated your honest thoughts about the clothing and what your needs really are in these posts! would love to try stitch fix

  7. I do love that black wrap dress with the white flowers. It looked really great on you. I could totally see this being a great “shower guest” dress or night out outfit.

  8. I always want your whole box! Thanks for sharing every month– it’s always fun to see what you get!

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